Faculty Support: Inspiring the Next Generation

The creative teaching and original scholarship exemplified by the Puget Sound faculty prepares students to make their own unique contributions to the world. With your help Puget Sound can attract, support, and retain faculty members who are dedicated to helping students realize their full potential. Donors may choose to create endowed funds for faculty support in their own names, or in recognition of others.

Endowed Library Acquisition Fund: $50,000

Collins Memorial Library is at the very center of Puget Sound’s intellectual life, providing access to information across centuries and around the globe. In addition to books, periodicals, and manuscripts, the library houses vast amounts of electronically stored data and serves as a focal point for students and faculty members as they engage in their academic pursuits.

Endowed Faculty Support Fund: $100,000

A professor’s influence extends far beyond the classroom. While teaching is central, professors also mentor student research in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities; support scholarship activities abroad; and extend academic activities into campus life. Creating a fully integrated living and learning experience for our students is central to our mission.

Endowed Faculty Sabbatical Fund: $150,000

Sabbatical leaves enable faculty members to pursue research and scholarship throughout their careers, contributing to knowledge in innumerable fields. Upon returning to the classroom, faculty members invigorate the curriculum with research and discovery that inform their teaching and create new avenues of study. The support of faculty development is vital to attract and retain the best educators.

Endowed Faculty Chairs: $2 Million

Endowed chairs support faculty leadership by providing resources for compensation and discretionary funds to support teaching and scholarship activities. The president appoints all endowed chairs and consults with donors who may express a preference for the academic discipline to benefit from the endowment.