Alumni, Parents, and Friends Funds

Tuition only covers about 85 percent of the cost of a University of Puget Sound education. The Puget Sound Fund is at the very heart of philanthropy at the university, providing a reliable source of funding to cover the cost of university operations and provide financial support to students.

Who makes annual gifts? Each year alumni, parents, friends, and current students pledge their support through the Alumni Fund, Parents Fund, Friends Fund, or Senior Class Gift. Altogether more than 8,000 individuals participate, making gifts large and small, in order to make the one-of-a-kind Puget Sound experience available to today’s students.

GOAL (2014-15): $2.73 MILLION | RAISED TO DATE: $2.3 MILLION

Puget Sound Alumni Fund

The Alumni Fund is the backbone of fiscal health for the university, providing support for Puget Sound's greatest needs and the never-ending need for increased financial aid.
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Puget Sound Parents Fund

Gifts to the Parents Fund provide annual, unrestricted funding for the university’s general operating budget, the most powerful form of financial support to the university, as it allows Puget Sound to act with operational flexibility based on current needs.
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Puget Sound Friends Fund

Puget Sound friends are grandparents, community members, and dedicated faculty and staff members, who invest in the high-quality education that Puget Sound provides to its students.
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Senior Class Gift

The Senior Class Gift Campaign is a way for graduating seniors to pay it forward to future students, contributing to the university's ability to offer financial aid.
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