A leader on and off the court

Taylor Jones '14

Taylor Jones '14

Keizer, OR

I often marvel at the journey I have taken to wind up here at this amazing university. Growing up as a child of educators, I knew I wanted to pursue a college education. With the unique circumstance of being a quadruplet, I also knew I wanted to strike out on my own to continue to discover myself and make my own mark as an individual. And coming from a small Oregon town drew me to a caring, supportive community that would encourage me as I had been growing up. It wasn’t until a beautiful October day, walking around the University of Puget Sound campus, that I knew in my heart this was going to be the perfect fit.

Although I am only a junior, my experiences here at the University of Puget Sound have been more beneficial, enjoyable, and rewarding than I ever could have anticipated. There are many reasons I was drawn here, the first being the flexible curriculum of the Liberal Arts system. With the uncertainty of where I wanted to take my future coming into college, the wide variety of courses offered has introduced me to subjects that have evolved into new interests and passions. In addition, small class size was important to me. I wanted to know, on a personal level, my instructors, and be known by them. As an athlete, I was drawn to the chance to continue my basketball career at a level that respects and protects my commitment to my studies. 

Not only have I enjoyed a built-in group of friends and caring adults from my first day here with my Logger teammates and coaches, but I have been honored to be voted a Team Captain, and have been challenged to develop my leadership skills in powerful, real life ways.  With a deep desire to learn and this personal connection, I am pushed to give my very best efforts. I am constantly encouraged to discuss, debate, question, integrate and perform all I am learning on a daily basis. In this intimate special place called UPS, I am allowed to develop leadership and communication skills that I know will serve me for the rest of my life.  This unique community of friends, teammates, coaches, and instructors is providing me with the support and confidence that will, no doubt, carry me into my future.

One of my biggest passions in life has always been listening. I love working with people of all interests and backgrounds, and taking in their unique perspectives and opinions about life. As a result of my exposure to many new fields here at UPS, I was immediately drawn to the Social Sciences, most specifically Psychology. In some ways, perhaps my experience of growing up one of four has drawn me to this.  I am fascinated by the study of individuals, and studying the puzzle of why we each do the things we do. I have chosen to minor in both Comparative Sociology and English, giving me the opportunity to incorporate my love of reading and writing. My ultimate goal is to take these tools and put them to use in graduate school, where I hope to study Criminology.

In just three short years, the University of Puget Sound has changed me in more ways than I can count. With a wonderful set of memories held inside nearly every building on campus, I can easily see why all alumni can be quoted, over and over, “Once a Logger, always a Logger!” What a perfect place for me.