Developing Stewards of our Oceans

Dan Clements '71

Dan Clements ‘71

Underwater Photographer and Publisher
Everett, WA 

The University of Puget Sound has provided me with family and friendships that have lasted over forty years, and the skills to lead a successful, adventurous, and productive life.

As an undergraduate, my thoughts were to go into geology, law or business. In the early 1970’s the economy was dismal, with a higher unemployment rate than our current recession, and so I went to graduate school and earned an M.B.A. in finance.

At Puget Sound, I learned the strategic thinking skills that have helped me over the course of careers in both public finance and publishing. In the early 1980’s the transition in business from mainframe to personal computers really took off, and it was an area in which I was quite comfortable. I created one of the first books produced with word processing, which cut the costs associated with graphic artists preparing art boards. This new process radically dropped the price of books, and dramatically changed publishing. Boy has the publishing world changed since then.

The magazine I produce now moves the concept of e-publishing further forward. Our approach eliminates the need to write apps for different devices and screen sizes, and I think this has the potential to significantly impact e-publishing of magazines and books as we move into the future.

In my free time I have been on the board of directors of several non-profit organizations, and in 2009 published a book called Critters, Creatures and Kelp. Some of my favorite activities include daily trail runs, cooking, skiing, opera, SCUBA diving, sailing, and global travel. 

After college, I put together climbing trips to various parts of the world. These morphed into underwater photography outings. Now I put together three or four destination dive trips each year. It is really fun to see folks developing a much greater appreciation of beautiful and endangered sharks. My hope is that participants will become better stewards of our planet.