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Saturday, April 5

PSO Intermediate Kayak Trip

This is an intermediate kayak trip on one of the many wonderful river we have here in the Pacific Northwest. This is meant to be a follow up course to the beginner kayak course and may include: larger white water, surfing, learning to combat roll (as determined by the skill level of participants). Only requirements to go on the trip are: 1) Have participated on at least one beginner level trip in the 2013-14 fiscal year. 2) pass a series of skill levels test in the kayak club pool session at least…

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Monday, April 7

Puget Sound Kayak Club hosts Brett Barton, professional kayaker

Brett Barton has kayaked all over the United States, as well as central, and South America. He's coming to Puget Sound to tell us all about it! With amazing video, photos, and story telling, Brett shares the story of how he became a kayaker, and turned a weekend interest into a life-long passion. Hosted by University of Puget Sound Kayak Club. Join us afterwards for a pool…

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Wednesday, April 9

Night at the Museum: Insects & Insectivores

Spring is in the air--the flowers are blooming and bugs are buzzing! We are happy to feature our insect collection at the next Night at the Museum! We will have our insects on display, along with the plants they pollinate, and the predators who want to eat them. So, you can expect to see bats, birds, moles, and even some carnivorous plants! Come learn about the role insects…

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Thursday, April 10