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Tuesday, January 28

Interest and Application Meeting for Southwest Semester (Fall, 2015) Field Program

The Southwest Semester (Aug.-Nov. 2015), a geological and environmental policy tour of the American West, will consist of an integrated 4-unit program that will meet a variety of EPDM, Geology, and University Core requirements (see below). The program will start on campus, and then explore a wide range of environmental issues while “on site” as we travel throughout the western United States. The courses will be: -Geo 330: Regional Field Geology (counts as a course for any Geology degree {satisfies…

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Wednesday, January 29

Avalanche Avoidance and NW Winter Weather

Find out how to avoid avalanches and SKIING in the rain? Wednesday January 29, 7:00 - 8:00 pm If want to get out snowshoeing, cross country or alpine skiing and want to know how to avoid avalanches and optimize your fun in the NW weather then join us. We will also discuss places to get out!

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