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Tuesday, January 22
Tuesday, January 29

Guest Lecture: Our Stories Emerge From the Depths of Memory, by Melissa Mace

Dr. Melissa Mace, 2012 Ph.D. recipient-Pacifica Graduate Institute


 Remembering is always situated, and not only do we remember events, but we remember them with others. As we recall past events we tell a story or a narrative about the experience adding details such as feelings, and other pieces of information that is used to articulate what occurred. The encounter with the past is a creative process and story becomes the portal to memory. Because remembering traumatic experience is a confrontation…

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Wednesday, January 30

University of Puget Sound Women's League Meeting

 11:30 a.m.: Lunch in lower level of Kilworth Memorial Chapel,12:15 p.m.:

Visit to Collins Memorial Library and tour led by Director Jane Carlin, including observation of "Celebrating 125 Years in the Stacks," A show of historical documents and recently digitized films from the Archives (room 118). A trip to the Archives for a display of materials associated with the Women's League and other memorabilia of interest, including old dance cards, menus, and photos.

Contact Lynn Raisl 253-241-1802…

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