Who Will Win the White House?

Join political scientist Michael Artime, Ph.D., and presidential historian Mike Purdy ’76, M.B.A.'79, for a discussion of the 2016 presidential campaign and past elections. 

Series Details


  • Jan. 21
    The Long Road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
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  • Feb. 18
    Who Wants to be President?
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  • March 10
    What do the Candidates Believe?
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  • March 24
    What Voters and States Will Elect the Next President?
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  • April 14
    How Accurate are the Polls?
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  • April 28
    Media, Marketing, and the Making of the President
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  • June 7
    The Last Primaries: Who Will Win the Nominations?
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  • Sept. 19
    The Current State of the Presidential Race
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  • Oct. 24
    The Final Sprint to the White House
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  • Nov. 14
    Scorched Earth and Shattered Glass: Making Sense of the 2016 Political Storm


Each one-hour lecture will be followed by Q&A and discussion. 

Time and Location

All lectures will begin at 7 p.m., in McIntyre Hall, Room 103. 

McIntyre Hall is No. 47 on the campus map. Visitor parking for the event is available in lots P1, P6, P7, and P9. If you have questions about event accessibility, visit pugetsound.edu/accessibility or contact us at accessibility@pugetsound.edu or 253.879.3236.

About the Presenters

Michael Artime

Michael Artime, Ph.D.
Visiting instructor, communication studies

Michael Artime is a political scientist who specializes in the role of the media in American politics.

Mike Purdy

Mike Purdy ’76, M.B.A.'79
Independent presidential historian, consultant, and author


Mike Purdy graduated from Puget Sound and spent more than 30 years working in local and state government. An expert in presidential history, he runs the website PresidentialHistory.com, which includes a blog, video, and resources (including valuable links and information about the 2016 election).


Sponsored by the University of Puget Sound Forensics Program and Department of Politics and Government

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Creative Commons photos by: Gage Skidmore (Rubio, Cruz, Trump), Michael Vadon (Bush), Phil Roeder (Sanders), Gerbil’s daughter (guinea pig)
Music by (in run order): John Philip Sousa, Peter Gresser, Kevin MacLeod