Reserving the Club

The Club can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis by any member of the FC for events.  If you wish to reserve the Club, please read through the terms below first.  To reserve the space, please complete the Reservation Form on the right and click "Submit" at the bottom of the form.  It will automatically be submitted to Seth Weinberger, who is in charge of reservations and scheduling.  Once the reservation is confirmed it will appear on the Calendar.

Please direct any questions concerning reservations or the policies to Seth Weinberger.

  1. Please check the Calendar to see if the club is available on the day and time you wish to reserve it.  
  2. During your use, you and your group are welcome to use the premises, but please provide your own food and drinks if you will be serving such.  
  3. You are free to use the fridge, stove, dishes, and dishwasher.    
  4. Please print a copy of the Club Checklist before your event (available here) and bring it with you to your event. When your event is concluded, please run through the checklist to make sure you have left the Club ready for its next event. 
  5. You must leave the kitchen clean after you are finished (you can run the dishwasher but do not have to empty it before you leave).  
    1. For groups of 12 or over or anyone who does not leave the kitchen clean, we charge a $30 cleaning fee (the Club does not have custodial service, except for trash and recycling pick up). 
  6. Groups are expected to leave the Club as they found it.  Anything used or moved (chairs, tables, dishes, etc.) should be put back in its original place, and anything brought into the Club, including food and beverages, should be removed.
  7. For groups 12 or over where there is alcohol served, you must obtain a liquor license which can be obtained here: The permit costs $10 and should be displayed on the cork bulletin board in the front hall of the Club.
The Trustees