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What is the Student Alumni Association?
Your experience as Puget Sound alumni begins before graduation. Every experience you have as a student, from your first campus visit through your last final, influences your memories and ties to Puget Sound. 

The goal of the Student Alumni Association (or SAA as we like to call it) is to facilitate interaction between students and alumni and to enhance the student experience by providing opportunities that strengthen their lifelong loyalty to Puget Sound. SAA provides unique benefits from networking with alumni, to collaborating with alumni on various projects and events, hosting events for your class, special events just for SAA members!

The Student Alumni Association's mission is to create a legacy of involvement and engagement that begins with prospective students and continues throughout the alumni experience.

Don't I have to graduate first?
Not at all! The Puget Sound Alumni Association knows that students are the reason it's great to be a Puget Sound Logger. The Student Alumni Association is a great way to remember that while you're a student today, you'll be a Logger forever.

Become a member!
Interested in meeting alumni, getting to know your classmates, and planning events for your class? Be a member of the Student Alumni Association! Send us an e-mail us today:

But... what's in it for me?
Special events for members, including dinners with alumni, membership on the Alumni Council giving you the opportunity to meet and work with alumni, networking tours at local companies, and more!