David WatsonDear Council Member,

Greetings and welcome to the Puget Sound Alumni Council!

We are so grateful that you have agreed to share your time and talent with us.  As a member of the Alumni Council volunteer network, you join more than 400 fellow Loggers who are hard at work on behalf of our beloved alma mater and our 35,000-strong alumni body.

Whether connecting alumni to their classmates, current students, or to faculty; representing Puget Sound at college fairs; helping to raise critical support for the Alumni Fund; or planning regional events for fellow alumni, Alumni Council members are engaged in virtually every aspect of university life.  Some serve as officers and committee chairs, some as members of the 11 working committees, and others as “on-call” volunteers agreeing to be contacted for more informal volunteer opportunities.  No matter what the role, all of these volunteers provide invaluable support and contribute greatly to the success of the Alumni Council.

This is a wonderful journey we're all on and I am committed to ensuring that it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you.   In the following pages, you'll find background information on the council and its committees, guidelines about how to conduct your work, and other useful resources.  As our volunteer roles continue to evolve, so will this guide.  Please pass along all feedback and suggestions so we can provide you with the information you need to be effective.  Don’t see something you need?  Tell us and we’ll be happy to get it for you.  

The staff at the university is eager to help us in our work.  Staff support for the Alumni Council is led by the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations and also includes friends in University Relations, Admission, Annual Giving, Athletics, Career and Employment Services, and Communications.  You may contact your staff liaison(s) at any time and they'll be happy to help you. 

Also at any time, and for any reason, please feel free to contact me directly.   I'll be in touch periodically with updates, and I look forward to seeing you at the semi-annual meetings of the Alumni Council.  However, there is no need to wait for these formal moments to interact.  I'm always eager to hear how things are going or to answer any questions you might have.  Your input is always appreciated.

Thank you again for joining us in this important service.  I look forward to working with you.

Always a Logger,

David Watson’92

President, Alumni Council