Glossary of Terms

Following is a glossary of commonly used Puget Sound terms that volunteers will likely encounter in their work:

Affinity Group – A group of alumni who choose to affiliate with the student group to which they belonged while attending Puget Sound. (e.g. Greek house, performing arts groups, music groups, campus leadership opportunities such as being an RA or Orientation Leader).

Alumna – A female alumnus.  This term is used in the singular.

Alumnae – More than one female alumna. This term is used in the plural.

Alumni – More than one alumnus.  This term is used to refer to more than one alumnus/na.  It is gender neutral.

Alumnus – Anyone who attended Puget Sound and completed at least nine course units, regardless of whether or not they received a degree, and all honorary degree recipients.  This term is gender neutral and is used in the singular.

Alumni Association – All alumni of the university.

Alumni Council Member – a volunteer at any of the levels of the Alumni Council Organization:

a. Chair: leadership for a specific committee

b. Captain: regional leadership on the Admission committee

c. Regional Coordinator: regional leadership on the Regional Alumni Clubs committee

d. East/West Coast Coordinator: coordinates the activities of the regional clubs in the cities on their respective coasts.

e. Committee Member: support the efforts of a specific region, or affinity group, or class.

f. Volunteer: any member of the alumni community that participates in Alumni Council activities. Examples include Class Reunion Volunteers and ASK Volunteers.

ASKOnline – the online portal for ASK Members to access their profile, update their information, and interact with students seeking advice, informational interviews, and career guidance.

Class Reunion – Lustrum (every five years) gatherings of alumni who graduated in the same class year to celebrate their connection to each other and to Puget Sound.

Email List/Address List – when contacting fellow alumni on behalf of the university, request a list from the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, Two kids of lists exits:

  • Email List: alumni can elect to only receive (or not to receive) email communications from the university. Emails can be pulled based on major, minor, region (as coordinated with our Regional Clubs), affinity group, athletic participation, and several other categories. Additionally, email lists can include every single alumni, or combine households (that is, Mr. and Mrs. Jones would one receive one email, rather than Mr. Jones receiving an email at his address and Mrs. Jones receiving an email at her address). To create an email list based on geographic criteria, current mailing addresses need to be sent to the alumni and parent relations office. 
  • Address List: alumni can elect to only receive (or not to receive) communications in the mail from the university. Mailing lists can be created on the same criteria as an email list.

Fiscal Year – The university’s annual calendar, which runs from July 1 to June 30.

LOGGER[net] – Puget Sound’s online alumni community. Update your address, find classmates in the online directory, learn about events in your area on Logger Pages, and register for a permanent forwarding email address.

Millennium – the University’s database

Permanent Email – LOGGER[net] allows for you to register for a permanent forwarding email address. Create an email address that is and have email forward to any other account that you prefer (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Having a Permanent Email address is terrific for publications.

Regional Club Event – Organized solely by regional club committee members, with the assistance of the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, these events are more informal and focused on connecting alumni socially in regions around the country. Events range from happy hours to museum tours, outings to professional sporting events, and local community service projects.

Regional Event – organized by the university, Regional Events occur in cities where there is a Regional Alumni Club. Each region is visited for an event every 18-22 months. Typically, university staff and faculty attend these events.

Staff Liaison – The person appointed to be the main university contact with a specific Council committee.  The staff liaison is responsible for providing staff support to assist the committee in its work.


Commonly Used Acronyms


AC – Alumni Council (all 475 volunteers).

ACEC – Alumni Council Executive Committee. This committee is comprised of three officers and 11 committee chairs.

APR – Office of Alumni and Parent Relations

ASK – Alumni Sharing Knowledge.

ASUPS – Association Student of the University of Puget Sound (student government).

CES – Career and Employment Services Office

CHS – The Center for Health Science

OUR – Office of University Relations

P’ – ‘p’ that precedes an apostrophe indicates that the person is a parent of a student in the year referenced following the apostrophe.

PC – Parents Council

SAA – Student Alumni Association (one of the 11 committees of the Alumni Council)