Campus Partnerships

Office of University Relations
David R. Beers, Vice President

The Office of University Relations is comprised of seven departments, all of which in some way support the work of the Alumni Council.  These departments include  Alumni and Parent Relations, Annual Giving, Capital Giving, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Donor Relations, Information Services, and Research.  The mission of the Office of University Relations is to engage alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, and others in the life of the university and to build and foster a culture of philanthropy that results in the receipt of charitable contributions in support of the mission of the university.  Through its work, the office directly supports goals three and four of the strategic plan:  “Forge lifelong relationships” and “Strengthen our financial position.”  (See Appendix X for an overview of how the work of university relations supports the work of the council.)

Office of Alumni and Parent Relations
Allison Cannady-Smith, Director

Staff leadership for the Alumni Council is provided by the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.  The mission of the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations is to make membership in the Puget Sound family an enriching, rewarding, lifelong investment that instills intense pride and that fosters an ongoing, growing relationship with the university.  In furtherance of this mission, the office supports the work of the Alumni Council, Parents Council, Student Alumni Association, and other leadership working committees that leverage volunteer talent to address issues of key importance to the university and its constituents. 

The alumni relations office is responsible for coordinating the university’s relationship with the council and its members.  In addition to providing strategic support for the Alumni Council, the office also directly staffs four of the eight council committees including:

  • Affinity Groups
  • Class Programs
  • Regional Clubs
  • Student Alumni Association

Alumni Council volunteers are directly involved in virtually every aspect of the alumni office.  From helping to galvanize classmates to connect with one another and to participate in Summer Reunion Weekend (Class Programs and Alumni Fund Committees), to helping to develop strategies for increasing alumni and faculty interaction (Intellectual Life), to planning fun and engaging events for fellow alumni in their regions (Regional Clubs Committee), Alumni Council members are essential partners in alumni relations programming.   Examples of alumni programs benefitting from council involvement are outlined below:


Alumni Council Committee(s)

Corresponding Alumni Programming

Class Programs, Alumni Fund

Class Reunion Program

Class Programs, Affinity Groups

Homecoming and Family Weekend

Class Programs, Alumni Fund, Affinity Groups

Summer Reunion Weekend

Regional Clubs

Regional Programming

Student Alumni Association,

Career and Employment Services, Admission

Student Programming


In addition to supporting the work of the Alumni Council and other alumni programming, the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations also plans the university’s annual Commencement Weekend, produces parent programming and publications, and provides staff leadership for the Parents Council and its five working committees. The office also manages the LOGGER[net] online community.


Annual Giving
Abbie Larson, Director

The mission of the annual giving office is to provide a steady source of unrestricted income to the university, to increase alumni participation, to introduce the university to new friends in all of its constituencies, to help create relationships among the university and its supporters, to teach constituents the habit of regular giving, and to serve as the first step towards a capital gift. These relationships are established with constituents through compelling, consistent messages and solicitations that reach the target audience on a regular basis.  This culture is strengthened by creating a sense of stewardship for every donor by communicating the importance and impact of their gift.  The Office of Annual Giving works directly with the Alumni Council Alumni Fund Committee and the Class Agent Program, as well as the Parents Council Parent Fund Committee, and the Faculty and Staff Committee to raise critical support for the Alumni, Parent, and Friends Funds.


Sam Riggs, Assistant Director of Admission

Admission is most often a student’s first point of contact with the University of Puget Sound. The office recruits and enrolls academically talented students of the highest personal and ethical caliber.  The Office of Admission provides staff support to the Alumni Council Admission Committee, which involves alumni in 11 regions across the country in student recruitment activities.


Amy Hackett, Director

The Department of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation is dedicated to providing quality programs and athletic experiences which assist in complementing and fulfilling the college’s educational objectives of academic excellence.  The department coordinates student involvement in 23 varsity sports and scores of intramural and club recreational activities.  The athletics department supports the work of the Alumni Council Athletics Committee, also known as the Logger Board, which provides support to Puget Sound athletes.


Career and Employment Services
Kim McDowell, Director

The mission of the Office of Career and Employment Services (CES) is to provide comprehensive resources and counseling for students at every point in their career planning: employment (part-time, full-time, work-study), internships, career exploration, and job search.  The office supports the work of the Career and Employment Services Committee which is responsible for helping to grow and market the ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) Network and for creating other programming that brings alumni and students together to discuss career-related opportunities.


Gayle McIntosh, Executive Director

The mission of the Office of Communications is committed to providing information, resources, and tools that help communicate the University of Puget Sound's distinctive place among selective liberal arts colleges.  The office provides comprehensive services for media relations, editorial and publication management, copywriting, graphic design, photography, promotion, institutional identity, electronic communications, Web content, public events (art, music, theatre, and lectures).  The office supports the work of the Alumni Council Communications Communities which advises on content of the alumni magazine, Arches, and on other alumni communications vehicles.