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About the Admission Committee

Committee Charge

The Admission Committee of the Puget Sound Alumni Council creates opportunities for alumni to assist the Office of Admission in recruiting talented students to the college.  Alumni volunteers works with the admission staff during both the fall and the spring by helping to staff college fairs, by attending admission programs, and by being available for interviews.  As part of the larger Alumni Council network, admission volunteers are invited to participate in all council activities including the group’s semi-annual, on-campus meetings. Service on the Admission Committee is a three-year commitment.

Ongoing Committee Duties

  • Serve as ambassadors for the University of Puget Sound, representing the university to alumni, parents, and students in key regions.
  • Participate in  or organize Puget Sound regional events that engage alumni, parents, and students in these areas.
  • Recruit alumni to serve on the Admission Committee or other committees of the Alumni Council.
  • Assist in promoting participation in signature on-campus programming-i.e. Homecoming and Family Weekend, Reunion Weekend.

Specific Committee Projects

  • Create and manage a repository of best practices to be shared among Admission Committee members.
  • Create and manage communications about upcoming events
  • Create and manage pages on LOGGER[net].

Admission Committee structure
The Admission Committee has three levels of committee membership:

The Admission Committee Chair provides oversight for all regional captains, collaborating with the Office of Admissions and the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations to fulfill requests to meet with potential students, parents, and attend admission events, such as College Fairs. The Admission Committee chair also holds a position on the Alumni Council Executive Committee (ACEC). This position requires attendance at two (2) Alumni Council Meetings, one (1) ACEC meeting, and periodic ACEC conference calls.  Monthly commitment: 7-9 hours per month.

Regional Admission Captains are charged with directing the efforts specific to connecting with potential students in a given region. Most regions are organized around major cities and where there is a wide-spread interest in Puget Sound by perspective students. Captains work with committee members to organize social events in metropolitan areas to connect alumni.  This volunteer role attends two (2) Alumni Council meetings, and periodic conference calls with the Admission Committee chair. Monthly commitment: 3-5 hours per month.

Admission Committee Members assist captains with reaching out to students in the local area.  Volunteers attend admission events in the local area, participate in admission-liaison training and recruit fellow alumni to join the Admission Committee. This volunteer role attends two (2) Alumni Council meetings and periodic meetings or conference calls with Regional Admission Captains. Monthly commitment: 1-2 hours per month.



To help you in your volunteer role please refer to the appropriate checklist below. Checklists are intended to simplify tasks that the committee is charged with, and create a strong, robust committee that is action-oriented.

All Committee volunteers should:

  • Sign a confidentiality agreement and return it to the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.
  • Register for LOGGER[net], Puget Sound’s online Alumni Community.
  • Ensure your addresses (email and mailing address) are up-to-date with the university.

Committee Chair Responsibilities

The Admission Committee Chair has responsibility for leading the committee of regional alumni admission captains. The Committee Chair:

  • Consults on a regular periodic basis with the admission staff liaison (the admission staff person (s) whose responsibility it is to coordinate alumni attendance at admission events ).
  • Provides direction and support for the regional captains in conjunction with the area admission officer, and the admission staff liaison.
  • Establishes, in conjunction with the admission staff liaison, clear expectations for the regional captains and clearly communicating these expectations to the regional captains.
  • Ensures that newly recruited volunteers receive training from the admission staff.
  • Evaluates regional captains on an annual basis with input from admission staff.
  • Coaches the regional captains on their work.
  • Reports to the admission office any difficulties the regional captains are having with the organization or the communication systems, and any other structural or functional challenges.
  • Consults with the admission staff on the effectiveness of regional captains and communicating with the Alumni Council President and the alumni relations liaison when a captain is ineffective;.
  • Replaces ineffective regional captains.
  • Works with the Alumni Council President, and the admission and alumni and parent relations liaisons, to set the goals and priorities for the Admission Committee and to evaluate the group’s work.
  • Sends out regular communications to all admission volunteers about Alumni Council activities, campus news, recruitment activities, and other relevant news.
  • Conducts Admission Committee meetings, including working with the admission staff liaison to develop meeting agendas and schedules.

The Admission Committee chair also serves as a member of the Alumni Council Executive Committee.  The primary responsibilities of this role include:

  • Providing input on the strategic direction of the council and on issues of governance, structure, and other relevant matters.
  • Sending regular periodic updates about the Admission Committee’s activities to fellow members of the executive committee;.
  • Communicating regularly with the Alumni Council president to report committee progress and to obtain assistance with any issues that arise;.
  • Participating in the Alumni Council’s fall (September/October) and spring (June) meetings and convening the Admission Committee during these meetings.
  • Participating in the winter meeting of the Alumni Council Executive Committee held in conjunction with the Puget Sound Board of Trustees meeting (February/March).


Regional Admission Captains are responsible for finding volunteers for admission events in their particular area.  They will be trained by Office of Admission staff and will receive materials from the admission office for all recruiting events.   Captains:

  • Serve as the primary alumni admission contact for alumni volunteers in the region and for the area admission officer.
  • Coordinate the volunteer staffing of, and personally participating in, admission events in the area, including college fairs, spring and fall yield events, summer picnics, interviews, and other admission related events.
  • Communicate in a timely manner with the Office of Admission staff when filling requests for admission activities in the area.
  • Maintain a current and active roster of volunteers from which to recruit alumni to staff admission events; reporting additions and other changes to the list to the admission office and the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.
  • Coordinate with the admission staff liaison to ensure that all volunteers are properly trained and receive needed event materials.
  • Serve in lieu of an admission officer on site when asked by the admission office, or appointing a trained surrogate to do so.
  • Respond to inquiries and requests from the Admission Committee chair and members of the admission staff.
  • Provide regular reports on the status of the regional alumni admission operation to the Admission Committee chair.
  • Report regularly to the admission office staff on the work of the volunteers in their regions.
  • Help to recruit new admission volunteers and providing feedback on the effectiveness of volunteers.
  • Participate in meetings of the Admission Committee, either in person or via teleconference.
  • Participate in the Alumni Council’s fall (September/October) and spring (June) meetings, either in person or via teleconference.


Admission Committee Members assist with admission events, such as college fairs or receptions for admitted students.  They will be trained by Office of Admission staff, Admission Captains and/or Admission Chair and will receive materials from the admission office for all recruiting events.   Members:

  • Respond to each staffing request from the admission captain, indicating whether available or not.
  • Provide the admission captain with contact information (preferred phone number, and email and mailing address), if available.
  • Inventory the event packet when received from the admission liaison.
  • Arrive on time for event and staying until the event ends.
  • Return the event packet, including completed response cards, to the admission liaison.
  • Provide feedback to regional captain and/or committee chair about admission process, training needs, committee leadership, and any other aspects of the committee’s work.
  • Conduct annual self-evaluation.
  • Help to recruit new admission volunteers and providing feedback on the effectiveness of volunteers.
  • Participate in meetings of the Admission Committee, either in person or via teleconference.
  • Participate in the Alumni Council’s fall (September/October) and spring (June) meetings, either in person or via teleconference.

Committee Tasks to Ensure Committee Success:

  • Attend Admission Committee and Alumni Council meetings
  • Facilitate communication between admission office and committee volunteer
  • Maintain and update Admission Committee page on LOGGER[net]
  • Attend at least two (2) admission events per year


Helpful How-To’s

General Information

Please keep in mind the following information as you volunteer on the Admission Committee:

Your attendance at Alumni Council meetings helps keep the council (and you!) informed. Please mark your calendars to attend:

  • Meetings (to be attended in person or via conference call)
    • May/early June (in coordination with Summer Reunion Weekend)
    • October (in coordination with Homecoming & Family Weekend)


After you attend an admission event

Send a brief summary of the event to the Admission Committee chair, Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, and the Office of Admission.

Give the Admission Committee chair and the Office of Admission any requests or questions that need to be followed up on with interested students.



Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to volunteer, but I’m unsure about the three year commitment. Does that mean I can’t volunteer?

Certainly not! We understand that, as other volunteer roles, employment, and family demands change; your availability may change as well. Please keep the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations apprised of your availability. We strive to ensure that your volunteer experience is a positive one, and one that is manageable.

I am required to attend each admission event in my region?

No, just attend the events that accommodate your calendar. Plan to attend at least two per year.

What if I cannot answer a person’s specific question?

You are not expected to answer all questions about the university.  You are there to talk about Puget Sound based on your experience and knowledge.  If you do not know the answer to a question, you can take the person’s contact information, write down the question, and send it back to the admission office for their response.

Will I receive any talking points on current information such as tuition and room and board, and application requirements and deadlines?

In the event packet you will receive from the admission office staff liaison, and from your orientation training, you are provide with this and other general information to assist you as you represent the university at a college fair, career night, or reception for admitted students.