Alumni Council Digest Winter 2013

At our most recent Alumni Council meeting on campus, which coincided with Homecoming and Family Weekend, I was reminded of how continually impressed I am with the level of engagement of our alumni.  We have a very excited and hard working group of alumni who are getting more and more involved with our volunteer activities and I'm thankful to be a part of this amazing effort.  We made a promise to keep you informed of our progress and we intend to keep that promise.  If you are already involved you know how good it feels to help bring the Puget Sound spirit to our almost 40,000 alumni members.  If you know someone who might be a good fit for our organization please forward their name along or encourage them to reach out to us.  I've been volunteering for Puget Sound going on 15 years now and each year I get more and more satisfaction from seeing this school grow and know that I'm helping to make a difference.   I thank you for your participation and hard work.

 Always a Logger,

David J. Watson '92
President, Alumni Council

Admissions Committee

The Alumni Council Admission Committee is in an exciting time of growth. Our committee has expanded our reach by adding a new role to our committee structure, Regional Captains at Large. These positions cover important geographic areas that don’t have a dedicated Regional Captain and allow us to better connect interested alumni with prospective students and parents. Gina Tzodikov ‘11 (East Coast at Large) and Christina Miller ‘12 (South at Large) have stepped into these new roles. We also welcomed Christy Thomas ‘00 as our new Portland Regional Captain.

This winter also marks an important step for us as we develop the prospective student interview component of our committee. In December, alumni in the Bay Area, Denver, Los Angeles, Orange County, Portland (Ore), and San Diego assisted admission counselors in interviewing prospective students during our regional interview weekends. We are thrilled that our alumni volunteers are interviewing prospective students!

We continue to increase the number of college fairs, programs, and interviews that our committee has been able to cover, and help to bring Puget Sound to life by sharing our personal experiences at the University with prospective students and parents.

If you’d like to volunteer with the Alumni Council Admission Committee, please visit our website and then click “Volunteer Form” to sign up. We will be in touch with you in the new year as opportunities become available in your area. If you have any questions about the ACAC, please email us at: You may also find out more about the ACAC online.

Affinity Groups Committee


The Affinity Groups Committee continues to engage in strategic thinking about affinity connections at Puget Sound. More specifically, we are thinking critically about which groups have had a strong presence at reunions in the past and which groups we would like to see come forward.

The committee is currently focusing much of our efforts on the upcoming Greek reunion that will be happening during Summer Reunion Weekend 2013. Our plan is to initially collect the information on houses that we know will be returning to campus and to also systematically connect with all of the various organizations that have existed at this university. If you a part of or are aware of a Greek house that would like to be a part of Summer Reunion Weekend 2013, please let us know. We would love to assist in making this weekend memorable for as many alumni as possible. We will be holding regular conference calls in the upcoming months, and intend to hold an on campus meeting as well.

In addition to working with Greek alumni, we continue our efforts of providing information to other affinity groups that have or plan to return to campus. For example, we are currently working on how to best capture the momentum from gatherings during Reunion 2012—more specifically with the African American alumni and the LGBTQ alumni reunions. This work includes pulling lists and identifying key players in these groups who will likely keep up these sorts of gatherings in the future. Similarly, we are in touch with the Adelphian Planning Committee, who returned to campus during Homecoming for their 80th Reunion performance.

Alumni Fund Committee

The Alumni Fund Committee is off to a great start for the 2012-13 year.  Since July 1st we’ve welcomed 13 new class agents and we now number 151 class agents representing 50 class years.  Alumni Fund volunteers continue to focus on increased outreach, educating classmates and growing our alumni participation rate. Agents reached out personally to over 1,000 alumni this fall. And it’s working— the Alumni Fund is up over 9% as of November and our alumni participation is slightly ahead of last year.

The Alumni Fund is an annual fund that benefits every part of the Puget Sound experience—it provides financial aid for students, helps attract and retain talented faculty, and supports our beautiful campus. It’s a resource that is part of the university’s annual operating budget and that’s why it’s important to give each and every fiscal year. Please take an early lead and make your donation to the Alumni Fund today!

Athletics Committee

The Athletics Committee is comprised of members of the Logger Club.  Logger Club is the athletic booster club on campus that is dedicated to celebrating and supporting Logger Athletics, student-athletes and coaches.  To become a member of the Logger Club begins with a gift that directly enhances the experience of our student-athletes. 

Recently, Logger Club has helped support the purchase of new recruiting software, live video streaming and our annual awards banquet celebrating student-athletes and coaches.  We are currently in first place for the NWC All-Sports Trophy and over halfway in on our Drive for 125 wins campaign for the 2012-13 seasons.  The "Drive for 125 Wins" is an athletics goal to reah 125 wins this year in celebration of the University's 125th anniversary.

There’s never been a better time to be a Logger and the Athletics Committee is always looking for supporters to become Logger Club members! For information about joining, see our website.  Also make sure to check out the University’s athletics website to get updated information, live video, and game schedules.

CES Committee

The goals of the Career and Employment Services (CES) Committee are to connect current Puget Sound students with alumni to provide everything from career advice, resume tips, job interviewing skills, and internship and job opportunities. To achieve these goals, one of the major focuses of our committee is to grow the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network. The ASK network is a great opportunity for students and alumni to search our alumni database and interact with alumni in a meaningful way. Did you know that since the 2010 launch of the new ASK database, ASK profiles have been viewed over 21,500 times? Even if a student does not contact an alumni directly, by making your information available on the ASK network provides a valuable source of information and inspiration for Puget Sound students facing a challenging job market. As you can probably imagine, today's challenging job market can complicate career decisions and make it difficult for Puget Sound students to envision life after college. Their need for advice has never been greater - and you are their best resource because of your shared collegiate experience.

“I find it most helpful when I can peruse alumni stories, suggestions, and advice they already had posted on their profile. I think reading those are the most helpful part of ASK.” (Ali, Class of 2013)

Regardless of where you are in your own career, I invite you to join the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network today, and become a source of inspiration and information for students who need your perspective. Or if you are already a member of the ASK network, I encourage you to review and update your profile.

Visit the Career and Employment Services website to get started. On behalf of Puget Sound students, thank you!

If you are interested in volunteering on the Career and Employment Services Committee or know of other alumni that might be interested in this effort, please don't hesitate to contact Andrea Tull '02, CES Committee Chair.

Class Programs Committee

We’ve been hard at work planning an outstanding reunion program for June 7 – 9, 2013.  Registration for the weekend will open in January, but what we really need now is volunteers!  Volunteering is fun and easy – the alumni office is incredibly helpful and will easily provide you with any information you are looking for to best help you reach out to your classmates.  Does your class year end in a 3 or 8?  Were you a member of a Greek organization on campus?  If so, we’d especially love your help reaching out to your classmates and encouraging them to come back this summer!  Interested in volunteering?  Contact Sarah Porter at or by phone at (253) 879-4636, and she’ll get you all set up!

Last month, we sent out the alumni reunion survey to all alumni in classes ending in 3s and 8s; alumni with class years ending in 4s and 9s will receive theirs next month.  Watch your mail and email for Summer Reunion Weekend materials to come throughout the spring. Highlights include class gatherings, an opening reception on the event lawn, alumni panels, and the annual reunion dinner.

The most up to date information about reunion weekend can be found on the Reunion Weekend website.

Start the buzz about Summer Reunion Weekend by connecting with your classmates on Facebook – Simply search:  “Puget Sound Class of XXXX” or click on your class year link below to join, and invite your friends!

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Communications Committee

How many times in life have you chosen the path less traveled? Perhaps you charted your own course. For many students, their career may not follow a traditional or a linear path. And the chance to connect with alumni with various career experiences can be both educational and inspirational.

That’s why the Communications Committee is excited to help support the CES Committee grow the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network. And we believe one way to do so is to encourage all alumni, especially those with unique career paths, to sign up.

We are currently working on profiling a few alums—including the newest Communications Committee member Jeff Maudsley ‘93. Jeff was an international business and Pacific Rim Asia Study Travel Program student who did stints at a transportation company and enlisted in the Washington Air National Guard, before starting his own IT consulting company. “Even though my career path was atypical, my time at Puget Sound was vital. I learned the importance of doing background work and being thorough and learned about a subject. Those skills transcend jobs and industries. I can relate to students who are searching and if my experiences can be helpful to others, then I’d be honored to share.”

Stay tuned to learn more. And in the interim, are you in the ASK network?

Intellectual Life Committee

The Intellectual Life Committee has been working hard planning for Alumni College, part of Summer Reunion Weekend June 7-9, 2013. Alumni College provides alumni and community members the opportunity to engage in the intellectual life of the university by hearing faculty presentations on a variety of topics around the same theme. Alumni College sessions will take place Friday afternoon and Saturday late-morning over Summer Reunion Weekend. We are excited about the faculty who will be presenting, which includes WA State Professor of the Year Jim Evans (Physics).

We also want to congratulate Professor Karl Fields on his recent recognition as WA State Professor of the Year.  Karl, who has taught at Puget Sound since 1990, joins six other Puget Sound professors who have earned the same honor, giving the university more Professor of the Year titles than any other college or university in the state.

Regional Clubs Committee

Denver Loggers gather to work on a Habitat for Humanity project this fall.

The regional clubs have had another successful summer and are off to a great start on activities for the year. Some recent events have been:  a Habitat for Humanity ReStore event in Denver, an annual pub night at E9 during Homecoming for Tacoma, and a wine tasting in Portland.

The clubs continue to push their efforts toward creative event planning and volunteer recruitment. The committee’s leadership is undergoing some transitions as Jenny Lai ’05, Ted Meriam ’05, and Lacey Chong ’03 (former Regional Clubs Chair, West Coast Coordinator, and East Coast Coordinator) move on with their busy lives. We would like to thank them for their everlasting dedication to the university and to the regional clubs. We could not be where we are today without them!  We would also like to welcome Maile Zahand ’98 as our new West Coast Coordinator. Maile comes from a strong volunteer background, and we know that she will bring good ideas our way.  Stay tuned for more information as these transitions continue.

As always, check our website to learn about our upcoming club events!

Student Alumni Association

SAA Members during a meeting in Wyatt Hall

The Student Alumni Association is having a very exciting and transformative year. The club this year is led by President James Oppenheimer ’14 and Vice President Gabe Davis ’14, along with 14 other dedicated members.  The executive committee of the group thought critically over the summer about the structure of the organization and made some concrete goals for the school year.

In its current structure, SAA will continue to partner with the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations to navigate the relationship between students and alumni. This relationship will be gained through several efforts—through university-planned events, through student-planned events, and through the newly-formed concept of networking tours. These tours will ideally be led by local alumni who are willing to share their professional space with students for a networking experience.

So far, the group was successful in connecting students and alumni over Homecoming and Family Weekend, and members of the group have participated in some campus tours as well as presentations to the Alumni and Parents Councils. Additionally, SAA has partnered with Career and Employment Services on their events—namely, the Career Fair and ASK Night—as student ambassadors.

SAA continues to be excited about the work and projects that are in store for 2013!