Loggers Keep Learning Regional Events


A Puget Sound education: Something you do, not something you get.


Do you miss the intellectual discovery of the classroom?

Join Loggers from your region at an upcoming Loggers Keep Learning event where passion for Logger learning reignites through creative discussions and faculty presentations. At a Loggers Keep Learning event, the evening begins with an hour of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres followed by a stimulating presentation given by a Puget Sound faculty member. 





Nancy Bristow, Professor of History and African American Studies
Remembering Violence, Forgetting Race: Americans and Historical Amnesia
Chicago Regional Event (9.30.2014)

Karl Fields, Professor of Asian Studies & Politics and Government
Maintaining the Mandate of Heaven: Power and Prosperity in the 21st Century
San Francisco Regional Event (3.20.2013)

Kristin Johnson, Professor of Science, Technology, and Society
Naturalists and the Nature of God
Seattle Regional Event (6.26.2014)

Bruce Mann, Professor of Economics
The Recession is Over: Now What to Worry About
Denver Regional Event (11.6.2014) & Tacoma Regional Event (1.22.2015)

George Mills '68, MS '72, Associate Vice President for University Relations
Deep Roots: Historical and Cultural Connections Between Puget Sound and Hawaii
Honolulu Regional Event (4.2.2013)

Mark Reinitz, Associate Professor of Psychology
Memory in the Courtroom: When are Eyewitnesses Wrong?
Boise Regional Event (11.20.2014)

Harry Velez-Quinones, Professor of Hispanic Studies
Sallying Forth in Cervantes' Golden Age and America Today
New York Regional Event (3.13.2014) & Portland Regional Event (11.20.2013)