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On this page you'll find memories shared by the Class of 2000, so we welcome you to take a trip down memory lane and contribute to the discussion! We are looking forward to welcoming you back to campus in June!

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Class of 2000

Although it's been 15 years since you were a student at Puget Sound: ONCE A LOGGER, ALWAYS A LOGGER!

What are some of your favorite memories?

"Being a Passages Leader -- the time spent at Camp Parsons with incoming students were some of my most positive memories." – Britten Nelson ‘00

“Late nights editing The Trail before going to press; bands playing in the Cellar,” –Marieke Steuben ‘00

"Moving all the chairs from Ernie's classroom outside by the fountain on his last lecture day as a Psych prof," – Christy Shaver ‘00


How would you describe your experience as a student?

"The commitment by staff, faculty, and students created a productive learning environment that gave me a sense of responsibility to pass this favor on to future generations." – Craig Cootsona ‘00


What faculty or staff members do you remember most?

"I only took one class from Nancy Bristow, but I learned more from her than any other professor. I also fondly recall Geology 101 with Ken Clark -- I'm by no means a scientist, but I still love geology because of him." – Britten Nelson ‘00





In case you've forgotten, in the year 2000...

  • The unemployment rate drops to a low of 3.8%, the lowest in 30 years.
  • United States presidential election: Republican candidate Texas Governor George W. Bush defeats Democratic Vice President Al Gore in the closest election in history, but the final outcome is not known for over a month because of disputed votes in Florida.
  • Hillary R. Clinton is elected to the United States Senate, becoming the first First Lady of the United States to win public office.
  • Popular films included: How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Cast Away, Mission Impossible II, and Gladiator.