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On this page you'll find memories shared by the Class of 1995, so we welcome you to take a trip down memory lane and contribute to the discussion! We are looking forward to welcoming you back to campus in June!

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Class of 1995

What are some of your favorite memories?

"Backpacking during Passages as a new freshman. Getting to know Coach Joe Peyton during the drive to a cross-country meet in Bellingham. Snowshoeing on Mount Ranier with Outhouse." – Einar Jensen ‘95

"Rowing crew, fraternity brotherhood socials, discussing philosophy with Prof. James Clifford over coffee, being 'bleacher creatures' and rooting for our 1993 NAIA volleyball national champions, and meeting my future wife." – Piper Roelen ‘95

“Finding nooks and crannies in the Library behind sliding bookshelves to build study nests. Hours and days spent in the radio station both listening to music and studying.” – Matthew Phinney ‘95


How would you describe your experience as a student?

"Puget Sound gave me academic preparation like none other.  I went from being an emotional teenager to a rational adult.  I am sure my analytic skills have served me well." – Marion Henshaw ‘95


What faculty or staff members do you remember most?

"I will never forget classes with David Sousa who would jump on tables and throw chalk out the windows!" – Temre Stanchfield ‘95

"Michael Veseth - He had a way of connecting with the classroom that made his material more than just interesting, he made it relevant." –Jason Mangone ‘95

“Stuart Smithers was both my advisor and mentor. I would not be where I am today without his guidance.” – Matthew Phinney ‘95

"Michel Rocchi by far! He's fun, motivating, intelligent, respectful, and has a great sense of humor." – Sabrina Moss ‘95




Highlights from 1995:

  • San Francisco defeated San Diego in the Super Bowl.
  • Los Angeles jury finds O.J. Simpson not guilty of murder charges.
  • The first ever full length computer animated feature film Toy Story was released by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures.
  • Popular television shows included: E.R.Seinfeld, and Friends.
  • Cost of a first-class stamp was $0.32. 
  • The Academy Award for Best Picture went to Forrest Gump
  • First solo transpacific balloon flight. Steve Fossett made a flight of more than 5,430 mi. from Seoul, South Korea, to Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada, in a helium-filled balloon.
  • The President of the United States was William J. Clinton