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On this page you'll find memories shared by the Class of 1994, so we welcome you to take a trip down memory lane and contribute to the discussion! We are looking forward to welcoming you back to campus in June!

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Class of 1994

Highlights from 1994:

   President Nelson Mandela elected in South Africa
   US sends troops to the Persian Gulf
   Major League baseball players strike - no World Series for 1989
   US federal debt was $4643.7 billion
   Dallas defeated Buffalo in the Super Bowl
   ER and Friends debut on NBC
   O.J. Simpson arrested for murder 
   Whitney Houston takes the Record of the Year with "I Will Always Love You"



What are some of your favorite memories?

“Spending time one-on-one with professors, the gorgeous campus, studying abroad in London, Langlow House, the amazing orientation program, feeling my mind blossom.“ Ruth Galbraith

“Sitting on the rooftop of Thompson watching the sunrise... All of the close friends I made... Feeling like I was truly part of the campus community.” Bruce Prince

“Small classes meant faculty actually knew my name and cared about, in many cases, my progress.” Scott Beebe

“Spending all night in the studios at Kittredge and going to class the next morning with no sleep! It was exhausting but the atmosphere---hanging out with fellow artists, helping each other, listening to music--was amazing. I can still smell the wonderful aroma of paint, printing inks, turpentine...” Jane Sobottka

“National Championships for track in 1994”  Kirby Leufroy


How would you describe your experience as a student?

“I have nothing but fond memories of my years at UPS.  The faculty were amazing; the small class size and direct access to professors made the experience incredible and very personal.” Ruth Galbraith

“I appreciated the way I was accepted as an older student. I benefited from the excellent level of teaching from [the] fine professors. The class sizes were kept at a level that encouraged learning, and the professors were accessible outside of class. Once, I missed a humanities class due to illness, just before final exams. When I returned, the professor showed me the video I had missed, and gave me a synopsis of his lecture, right in his office.  You don't get that attention at the big universities.” Glenna Cook


What faculty or staff members do you remember most?

“Susan Owen - thinking differently, critically, challenge to find meaning” Gary Brooks

“Frank Cousens - his passion & dedication; Florence Sanders - her enthusiasm & joy” Ruth Galbraith

Friday, June 6

Class Gathering at E9

On Friday, June 6, continue the good times from the Opening Reception as the party moves on to your favorite night life spot from 1994: Engine House 9! 

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