Loggers Keep Learning Regional Events

Do you miss the intellectual discovery of the classroom?

Join Loggers from your region at an upcoming Loggers Keep Learning event. Each evening begins with an hour of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres followed by a stimulating presentation given by a Puget Sound faculty member. 


Loggers Keep Learning Chicago - March 22, 2016

Loggers in the Twin Cities - March 23, 2016


Pierre Ly, Associate Professor, International Political Economy
Traveling China Through Wine
Tacoma Regional Event (1-21-2016)

Monica DeHart, Professor of Anthropology
The Art of Being Global in the Age of China: Lessons from Latin America
Washington, D.C. Regional Event (11.17.2015)

Nancy Bristow, Professor of History and African American Studies
Remembering Violence, Forgetting Race: Americans and Historical Amnesia
Chicago Regional Event (9.30.2014)

Alisa Kessel, Professor of Politics and Government
Consumerism: The New Opiate of Masses?
Los Angeles Regional Event (3.26.2015)

Andrew Gardner, Professor of Anthropology
The Transnational Underclass: Labor Migrants and the Justice System in Qatar
Portland Regional Event (6.25.2015)

Bruce Mann, Professor of Economics
The Recession is Over: Now What to Worry About
Denver Regional Event (11.6.2014) & Tacoma Regional Event (1.22.2015)

Steven Neshyba, Professor of Chemistry
How the Flipped Classroom is Changing Teaching and Learning
San Francisco Regional Event (3.24.2015)

Mark Reinitz, Associate Professor of Psychology
Memory in the Courtroom: When are Eyewitnesses Wrong?
Boise Regional Event (11.20.2014) & Hawaii Regional Event (4.28.2015)