Welcome Class of 2014 Alumni!

You are a part of the Logger alumni community. Now what? This page will help inform you about the many opportunities offered to alumni, various means of staying connected with Puget Sound and eachother, and how to give back to current students.

Always a Logger

Puget Sound Alumni organize regional events, happy hours, and volunteer projects all over the country! Get in touch with the chapter near you to get in on all the fun! 



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When I say "the sub," you say "Wheelock Student Center"...

Logger Lingo

Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network: Connect with current students and network!
Logger[net]: Houses the online alumni directory, creates your email forwarding address, allows for speedy event registration. 
LoggersKeepLearning: Attend an event near your area where alumni gather to hear faculty lecture over food and drink. 
Regional Clubs: Connect with fellow alums in your area for a good time (see image above).
Alumni Council: Volunteer for your alma mater by being an Alumni Council member.

What are the different options?

Loggers Give Back

Puget Sound Fund: supports the daily operations for the university.
Class Gift: support from each class toward the Puget Sound Fund.
Senior Class Gift: 5 year pledge where students begin at a donations of $5 and work up to $25.