To the heights
The Greek inscription on the university seal, pros
ta akra,“to the heights,”has beenmotivating Puget
Sound students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families
for 125 years, and counting. One sure-footed step
at a time, the community of Puget Sound has
built a legacy that belongs to all of us. We arrive
together, yet we never lose sight of the individual
effort required on the climb. Some of us take
detours. Others bolt ahead. All of us celebrate the
challenge worth taking, the risk with our name on
it, and the satisfaction of the journey for its own
rewards. Here, an education is something you do,
not something you get.Here, education is animated
by our shared passion for teaching and learning,
emboldened by a commitment to lead where we
are most needed, and energized by the place we
call home.