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that were taken, we think, in 1920. A note written
in pencil and fountain pen on the back says this
is the “new campus site,” and that the man in the
dark coat and bowler standing near the path is
President Todd. (Take a look at pages 36–37 for
an aerial account of how the campus has evolved
since the pictures were taken.) A page from the
Quarterly Bulletin of the College of Puget Sound
Vol. XII, Oct. 1920, No. 4) presents a nautically
themed fundraising appeal for the then-proto-
This was selected with great care. Months of
painstaking study were involved. Sr. Edward H.
Todd, President, sought opinions of prominent
educators and representative citizens freely.
Three street car lines approach it from dif-
ferent sides, and it is fifteen minutes ride from
the center of the down town business district.
The tract is decidedly compact, forming
practically a rectangle of nearly equal sides, com-
prising about forty acres, which is rather remark-
able when one considers its size and proximity to
a fine residence portion of this city.
One ship sails East and another sails West
With the self same winds that blow.
Tis the set of the sail, and not the gale
That determines the way they go.’
We address this bulletin to friends, former
students, and alumni with greetings and some
items of news which we think will be interesting.
With it goes an invitation to set
sails, and
hold the wheel, so that the home port may be
made in June, 1921.
It is very proper that those who set sail from
the harbor of the College should receive and
accept this invitation. We have often craved to
behold a fleet of these life-vessels come into port
at Commencement time. Their cargoes would
be various, but they would all go to make a great
Next June the harbor will be prepared to
receive you. Anchorage will be supplied, gang
planks in plenty, all set for a successful landing.
The dedication of the new campus as the corner-
stone of the Greater College will be completed.
helped to make the College of Puget
Sound of today, and you ought to have some-
thing to do with the making of it tomorrow.”
A short video on how the cover photo was made is
Notes and thanks
There are a lot of people to thank for their as-
sistance in preparing this big birthday edition
John Finney ’67, P’94, retired registrar here
at the college and, we have observed, a man who
loves discovering and documenting, not only
wrote about his experience as a student study-
ing abroad in Austria and about the steadying
influence of President Edward Todd, he also at
our pleading spent who knows how many hours
checking and supplementing the appendix at the
back of this issue. Because it was John doing the
research we can assure you it is accurate, and we
think it will become the go-to quick-reference
for Puget Sound history.
Library Director Jane Carlin and archivist
Elizabeth Stiles Knight were immensely support-
ive, and they even allowed us to take precious
items out of the archives and photograph them.
To help facilitate the cover photo: The
Department of Theatre Arts provided dressing
rooms for our student models, and Costume
Shop Supervisor Mishka Navarre allowed full
access to the collection she oversees there;
Professor Gerard Morris lent us his personal
trombone; and the athletics department lent a
pair of shoulder pads for our green-and-gold-era
football player.
And, finally
a quasquicentennial apology. A
college and its people have a
of stories to tell
after 125 years, and, while we would like to very
much, it’s simply not possible in a single edition
even an expanded one like this, to be
comprehensive. So we hope you’ll forgive us if
your favorite class or classmate, or activity, or
other memory among the gajillion life-altering
things that happened at your old school isn’t
About six months ago in these pages we
asked readers to tell us stories about Puget
Sound. A selection of those remembrances, along
with a few we commissioned, are what you’ve
seen here. But the storytelling doesn’t have to
stop. We encourage you to tell your tale of Puget
Sound or upload a photo or two at the 125th
anniversary website we’ve made at www.
Chuck Luce