6. Use the library for study and reference only.
7. Attend all class meetings.
1. A pipe, a sporty tie or hat, and a flashy suit do not make a
college man … and all the newest fashions do not make a college
2. College spirit is better shown by trying to
things than by
criticizing the way others are doing them.
3. In college as elsewhere honesty is the best policy.
4. Puget Sound is your Alma Mater; observe her traditions carefully.
5. Not to be afraid to take advice that is honestly and kindly offered.
6. Not to limit your acquaintance to members of your own group.
Be a mixer.
7. You must give as well as receive to make your college life a true
8. Not to tire everybody with stories of your exploits of what you can
what you can do, NOW.
9. Your success in college depends upon you alone.
10. Always greet your fellow students—whether you know them or
not, faculty members and strangers, with a cheery “Hello” and a
Campus Day and The Pull
On Campus Day students helped to clean up and otherwise make im-
provements to the campus and the neighborhood. Campus Day is “a
time set aside for the annual general spring campus cleanup.” This was
especially important during the early days, when students made a signifi-
cant contribution to the appearance of the campus. Typically, faculty and
administrators joined in. These activities were followed by a picnic and The
Pull. The Pull was a tug of war between the freshmen and sophomores,
the losers becoming thoroughly hosed down.
May Festival
Dances, musical numbers, and the crowning of a woman student elected
to be May Queen were featured during the festival, held each May on
Sutton Quadrangle through the 1950s.
Tacoma Art Museum
Tacoma Symphony
The seal, which has undergone only minor modifications over the years,
depicts Mount Rainier seen from the northwest (as from the campus) and
contains the Greek motto
pros ta akra,
roughly “to the heights,” and the
year of the university’s incorporation.
“Alma Mater”
Written by Ellena Hart Goulder ’26
All hail to Alma Mater, the best that can be found,
the spirit of the Westland, all hail to Puget Sound!
Her guardian is the mountain beside the silver sea.
We love thee Alma Mater. All hail, all hail, to thee.
Other songs about Puget Sound
“College of Dreams,” by
H. Wilton Vincent ’36, a high school teacher
and Methodist minister
“UPS Fight Song,” adapted from UCLA’s fight song by John O’Connor,
director of Puget Sound’s concert and marching bands, 1946–1950
“Puget Sound,” winner of the 1929 Glee, by Mary Kizer Stromberg ’29
and Frances Martin Johnson ’29, P’56,’63
The National Geographic Society
Brigham Young University
Wheelock College
Columbia Records
Alas, the printed pages in this appendix offer only a quick reference for
college history. These online resources provide more comprehensive
Contains the amazingly comprehensive history compiled by Puget
Sound President R. Franklin Thompson and PDF copies of
On the
Frontier of Leadership,
the college’s 100th anniversary publication, as
well as
An Itinerant’s Career,
the memoir of the Rev. David G. LeSourd,
a Methodist founder of the college.
This collection is still in the process of being digitized but contains
PDF copies of the student-published newspapers
Ye Olde Record
The Trail
going back to 1895.
“A Sound Past,” a massive digital collection of historical photos
A photographic collection of Puget Sound memorabilia and ephemera;
many of these items appear in the “Memories from the Archives”
pages of this issue of
Short, old films portraying various events, activities, individuals,
organizations, and buildings on campus
A year-by-year brief accounting of important events in university
history, with photos
Named spaces on the campus and the stories behind them
The Tacoma Public Library Northwest Room
Athletics Hall of Fame
A note on abbreviations that sometimes appear after the names of people
in this issue:
Numerals preceded by an apostrophe (eg. ’73) indicate class year.
“M.S.” = master of science degree. “M.B.A.” = master of business
administration. “M.A.T.” = master of arts in teaching. “M.Ed.” = master
of education. “M.P.A.” = master of public administration. “M.M.” =
master of music. “D.P.T.” = doctor of physical therapy. “J.D.” = doctor
of law from the former UPS School of Law. “P” = parent. “GP” = grand-
parent. “Hon.” = honorary degree.
is printed with soy seal approved inks on paper that contains
at least 10 percent post-consumer waste. The paper is certified by the
Rainforest Alliance to Forest Stewardship Council
standards, and it is
manufactured 20 miles from where
is printed and mailed.
De Beers
Parker Pen
The motto
pros ta akra,
“to the heights,” appears
above Mount Rainier on
the college seal and is the
theme for the university’s
125th anniversary.
The 1951 May Day court
included (l-r) May Day queen
Betty Rusk ’51 and princesses
Roberta Westmoreland ‘51
and Nancy Riehl ‘51. Nancy
later served 28 years on the
college board of trustees. She
married another avid Logger,
Don Hoff ‘50.