here would be no balls or strikes called on that rainy evening, Oct. 4, 1969, at Cheney
Stadium—home of Tacoma’s AAA baseball franchise. No, this was the night of the
National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Tacoma centennial football game, pitting the
Puget Sound Loggers against the powerful University of Hawai‘i Rainbows. The Loggers,
in their green and yellow uniforms, made quite a contest out of it, led by signal caller Bob Botley ’71,
one of the few African-American starting quarterbacks in the nation at the time. My dad and I were
on our feet cheering, along with 7,000 others, as the two teams racked up nearly 1,000 yards in an
offensive shootout. The Loggers led until the third quarter, when Botley was forced out of the game
due to an injury; in the end the Rainbows prevailed 30-20. It was the only football game ever played
in Cheney Stadium, and I remember it as if it were yesterday.
What follows are a few other favorite Logger sports memories. (A hearty thank-you to Doug
McArthur ’53 for sharing his treasure trove of scrapbooks, as well as other observations from his
time as Puget Sound athletics director. In addition I want to thank Don Duncan for taking the time
to talk with me about his years as UPS swimming coach.)
Field goals
A renovated version of the Puget Sound Athletics Hall of Fame in Memorial Fieldhouse
is on the drawing board, and when it is completed viewers can drop in and get an
expanded account of personalities in Logger sports. But there’s nothing like the
excitement and pride of witnessing firsthand such feats of greatness. Here, a few
thoughts from a guy who saw some of them.
by Bill Baarsma ’64,
At the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, Kaye Hall ’73 weeps as she learns she has won the gold medal in the women’s 100-meter backstroke in record time.
Popperfoto/Getty Images