Cyrus Brown ’03
one of the 16 speakers at this
year’s TEDx Tacoma event
on May 3. TED (Technology,
Entertainment, Design) is
an annual multidisciplinary
conference bringing together
lecturers and interdisciplinary
presentations to help inspire
discussion and create new
connections in communities.
Cyrus is the head of the math
department at Tacoma School
of the Arts and is a member of
the Tacoma District Mathemat-
ics Instructional Leadership
Team. He enjoys trail running
and mountaineering in the
Olympic and Cascade moun-
tains, and draws inspiration for
teaching from reading about
ultramarathon runners and
mountaineers. He lives in Taco-
ma with his wife,
Abbie Ste-
vens Brown ’03
their son, and dog.
tor’s Award at the Highline
Public Schools Second An-
nual Scholar-Athlete, Coach
and Community Recognition
Banquet on May 21. She is a
Highline High School graduate
and member of the Highline
Schools Foundation board, and
was the group’s president in
Maya earned a J.D. from
the University of Washington
School of Law in 2007 and
practices law in Burien, Wash.,
with her father.
Andy Davis
a travelogue pre-
sentation about his trip to
Argentina at The Mountain-
eers’ Tacoma Branch meeting
on May 17. According to the
News Tribune
about his program, Andy
participated in wine tours in
Mendoza, worked on a farm,
and reached the summit of
foot Mount Acon-
cagua, the highest mountain
in the Americas. Andy’s pre-
sentation included a slide show
and talk about the challenges
of the climb, the terrain, and
the culture of Argentina. He’s
taught outdoor-education
classes at UPS and leads cours-
es for the National Outdoor
Leadership School.
Nick Edwards
is a co-founder
of Boomtrain, a made-for-
the-Web video platform with
a social-media component.
The San Francisco-based start-
up allows viewers to easily
find, watch, follow, and share
made-for-the-Web shows. Nick
founded the award-winning
The Internationalist
and worked as a contractor
to Microsoft before attending
Harvard Business School. He
also worked for Ooyala, a vid-
eo technology company. More
Nick Lucey
joined the football
staff at Simon Fraser Univer-
sity in Burnaby, B.C. He most
recently was the offensive
coordinator and assistant
head coach for Western New
Mexico University’s football
team. Nick previously served
as head coach for the Esbjerg
Hurricanes, a semi-professional
football team in Denmark. He
was a graduate assistant at
Washington State University
and completed his master’s in
higher education administra-
tion in 2009. Nick started his
coaching career as an assistant
coach at Curtis High School
in his hometown of University
Place, Wash.
Emily Crawford
selected by the Rotary Club of
Renton, Wash., as a Teacher
of the Month in May. She is a
third-grade teacher at Tiffany
Park Elementary School in
Renton. Emily also has taught
kindergarten and second-
grade classes at Tiffany Park,
where she began her teaching
career seven years ago.
Esther Morgan-
from Yale University in May
with a Ph.D. in music history.
This summer she is teaching
at Interlochen Summer Arts
Camp in Michigan, after which
she will return to New Haven,
Conn., to pursue a singing
career. Esther returned to her
hometown of Port Angeles,
Wash., in April to participate
as an alto soloist with the
Peninsula Singers and the
Port Townsend Community
Orchestra in their performance
of Bach’s Mass in B Minor. She
first sang the mass in 2009 as
a member of Yale Schola Can-
torum, a chamber choir, tour-
ing China and South Korea.
Alec Gardner
graduated in April
with a Master of Architecture
degree from the University of
Cincinnati’s College of Design,
Architecture, Art, and Plan-
ning. He received a distin-
guished research award for his
thesis focused on community
participation and online col-
laboration tools and their
applications in open-source
David Myers
is the new head
football coach at Interlake
High School in Bellevue, Wash.
He previously coached at
Garfield High School in Seattle
for two seasons. He started his
coaching career as the offensive
coordinator at Tacoma’s Lincoln
High School and helped lead
the Abes to the playoffs in two
consecutive years.
Jonee Winnick
sends this up-
date from Ohio: “I’ve been the
Web content manager at Ohio
State’s Fisher College of Business
for over a year, and Wayne’s
still working as an engineer at
American Electric Power. We
have decided to settle down in
Columbus, and just bought a
house in April.”
Michael Melin
graduated from St.
George’s University School of
Medicine on the island of Gre-
nada this spring. He will begin
an anesthesiology residency
this summer at the University of
Washington School of Medicine.
Lael Wilcox
won the women’s
division of the Cedro Peak Ul-
tramarathon 45, a 45-kilometer
trail race run in the Cibola
National Forest in New Mexico.
She completed the 4,000-foot
vertical gain and descent in 4
hours, 56 minutes, and 6 sec-
onds. Lael completed the race
more than 25 minutes ahead of
the second-place finisher in her
division! She is a resident of An-
chorage, Alaska, and, according
to the
Anchorage Daily News
has biked all over the world
since college. Lael teaches yoga
and works as a waitress to fund
her adventures.
Kyle Johnson
finished his second
season as the varsity boys soc-
cer coach for Steilacoom High
School in Steilacoom, Wash.,
this spring. He’s played for the
Kitsap Pumas Soccer Club in
2009, 2011,
and 2012. The
Pumas were the United Soccer
Leagues national Premier De-
velopment League champs in
Kevin Nguyen
co-editor of
the award-winning website The
Bygone Bureau, which “exam-
ines modern life through per-
sonal essays, cultural criticism,
humor pieces, and comics,” was
mentioned in a March 17
Street Journal
article about the
world of editorial app develop-
ment. Follow Kevin and co-
Nick Martens
at www.
Derrick Moyer
partner in Tacoma’s Wing-
man Brewers, celebrated the
brewery’s second anniversary
in April. Wingman is on
list of Tacoma-area, alumni-
owned establishments to visit
on this year’s summer road
trip, for an article in the au-
tumn edition. See you soon,
is an
analyst for Chicago-based
Heritage Capital Management.
He also co-manages
StateoftheMarkets.com, a
website designed to help
individuals become successful
investors, and he’s written for
the Market Intelligence Center
online. Donald lives in Denver
and is an avid snowboarder.
and cellist
Rachael Beaver played rock
band Queen’s “Who Wants
to Live Forever” on
The Bob
Rivers Show
KJR FM), June 10.
She also accompanied Spike
and the Impalers at the Tulalip
Casino on June 28. Margaret
won a Watson Fellowship in
and explored the harp’s
cultural role in 14 countries,
spanning four continents.
Throughout her Watson year,
she interviewed harpists, at-
tended harp festivals, took
lessons, performed, and even
built her own harp. You can
see her travel albums at www.
was cast
as Algernon Moncrieff in the
Lakewood Playhouse produc-
tion of Oscar Wilde’s
Importance of Being Earnest
The show ran from June 14
to July 14. The role is his first
outside-of-school performance
since graduation. The produc-
tion also included
Cassie Jo
Fastabend ’15
and was di-
alumni news and correspondence
Aaron Mainer
was one of
five guides with International
Mountain Guides who led the
U.S. Air Force Seven Summits
team to the top of Mount
Everest on May 18. Aaron has
worked with IMG since 2006
and has guided more than 100
trips on Mount Rainier. He has
summited Mount Aconcagua
in Argentina, Denali in Alaska,
and Vinson Massif in Antarctica
as part of the Seven Summits
quest. Aaron is an American
Mountain Guides Association
certified rock and ski-moun-
taineering guide. He lives in
Enumclaw, Wash.
Maya Mendoza-Exstrom
was awarded the 2013 Direc-
Lael Wilcox ’08 won
the women’s division
of the Cedro Peak
Ultramarathon 45,
a 45-kilometer trail
race run in the Cibola
National Forest in
New Mexico.