style of Cirque du Soleil. Liam was guiding them
through their performances and Romene ad-
mired his take-charge style. “You know what you
want, and you’re not afraid to say it,” she told
him. Then she added the kicker: “Would you like
to direct this film I’m producing?”
He’d never directed before but said it sound-
ed like a great idea—and so he was in.
Romene contacted the theatre department
and got permission to use some of its props.
She petitioned ASUPS for funds to buy a digi-
tal camera. The university owns the camera,
and students can rent it for other projects, said
cinematographer Daniel. As for the homemade
Steadicam-like device on which the camera was
mounted, Daniel said he and his father designed
and built it using $15 worth of materials pur-
chased at Home Depot.
Romene also sought, and got, support from
Dean of Students Mike Segawa. “I think it is
a project well worth highlighting. Efforts that
bring visibility to issues of diversity and equip
our community to place them in a historical as
well as present-day context are,”Mike said in an
email, “invaluable to our goal of fostering a more
inclusive learning community.”
Finally, in February, filming began. Everyone
worked for free, and the students spent months
setting up scenes all over campus­—in Kilworth
and in the SUB, among other places, even in
director Liam’s residence-hall shower. Filming
took so long because it had to be sandwiched in
between the students’ many other commitments.
Our studies come first,” Romene said.
Finally, they finished. And Romene is satis-
fied with what she and the other students have
It’s been a great process.”
It turns out the moviemaking bug has bitten
Romene hard. After graduation, she moved to
Los Angeles to try to break into the entertain-
ment business. She said she plans to contact
Puget Sound alumni who are working in the film
industry in hopes they’ll help her get a foot in
the door.
I would be very happy working in develop-
ment, looking through scripts, and deciding
what [movies] should be made,” she said.
will be her calling card.
Freelance writer Soren Andersen is a movie critic
for the Tacoma
News Tribune.
CAST AND CREW Top, from left: Sound man Greg Martineau ’14, director Liam
Tully ’14, Schiff Adelson ’13 (playing Derrick), producer Romene Davis ’13, and
cameraman Daniel Peterschmidt ’15. Bottom: Greg Martineau, Greg Reeser ’15
playing Ryan), lighting designer Michael Anthony Mulay ’15, Daniel, Liam, Schiff,
Romene, and production assistant Emily Bjarke ’16.