All About Bacteria
Ravi Mantha ’94
pages, softcover
Harper Collins India
Ravi Mantha says that we
humans are
All About Bacte-
percent of the cells
in our bodies are bacteria,
and most of them have a
job to do, so much so that
Mantha believes human-
symbiotic germs deserve
status as a vital organ.
Western medicine often
takes a warlike approach
in which antibiotics are
the nuclear weaponry. In
All About Bacteria
argues that we should ap-
preciate our germs more,
offers simple approaches for
enhancing health and heal-
ing common ailments, and
gives tips about sanitation,
hygiene, vitamins, and the
health benefits of kissing.
Mantha backs up his
views on preventive and
wellness techniques with a
look at both the history of
medicine and the latest in
medical research. Though
not a scientist—he describes
himself as an “inquisitive
individual”—he’s working to
connect the dots and draw
the big picture that focused
specialists may be missing.
Chakoda’s Ghost
Syrian Rescue
J.L. Walden ’67
pages, softcover
pages, softcover
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Jerry Walden’s protagonist,
Blake Chakoda, is a retired
Army Ranger settled in Ta-
coma, where there’s “not
much excitement.” In the
opening pages of
while on security
detail at the Port of Tacoma,
he busts up what appears
to be a simple burglary but
turns out to be part of a ter-
rorist plot to build a nuclear
bomb and blow up the Port
of Seattle. Chakoda over-
comes his post-traumatic
stress syndrome, earned on
two tours in Iraq and one
in Afghanistan, and leads
the team that thwarts the
Syrian Rescue
is back on active duty, lead-
ing the liberation of two
Green Berets who have
uncovered vital information,
and, in the process, breaks
up an extremist plot to
build and deploy biological
weapons in the Middle East.
At the end a general gives
Chakoda a super-secret job
out of Fort Lewis—a hint
that further adventures are
to come.
The Boys From
An Irish Immigrant
Family’s Involvement
in America’s Civil War
Neil W. Moloney
pages, softcover
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The Boys From Ireland
is a work of fiction, Neil Mo-
loney has taken his tale from
family lore passed down
over the generations, as well
as painstaking research into
the history of the Civil War.
The story follows a family of
immigrants who lose their
farms, homes, and busi-
nesses to a corrupt govern-
ment in Ireland and flee for
America. They arrive in New
York in 1863, in the middle
of anti-draft riots as the war
rages across the nation. The
notion of heading west and
starting a new life will have
to wait. Moloney’s main
characters are among some
Irish immigrants
who ended up in the U.S.
Army fighting for the Union
Not all of the
The Boys
From Ireland
survive the war,
but we are cheered as those
who do ultimately unite and
head west to homestead in
Todd Fredson ’98
pages, softcover
Tebot Bach
Todd Fredson’s first collec-
tion of poetry,
The Crucifix-
is the 2012 winner of
the Patricia Bibby First Book
Award from publisher Tebot
Bach. The competition seeks
to identify fresh new voices
in poetry, and Fredson is
certainly a discovery.
After graduating from
UPS, Fredson served in the
Peace Corps in a village in
Ivory Coast during a time of
revolution there. The experi-
ence was powerful and last-
ing. The cover of the volume
depicts a variety of ghostly
assault weapons filling a
room and floating in the air.
The moving and passionate
poetry sparkles, often shift-
ing abruptly between beauty
and horror, as when gently
waving grass is disrupted by
the march of a militia.
Fredson studied with Bar-
ry Bauska, professor emeri-
tus of English, while at Puget
Sound. He earned a Master
of Fine Arts degree from
Arizona State University and
is now pursuing a doctor-
ate in creative writing and
literature at the University of
Southern California.
Your Body Book
Guide to Better Body
Motion with Less Pain
Doranne Long ’81
pages, spiralbound
Morris Publishing
Doranne Long has been a
physical therapist for more
than 30 years and says that
the idea for
Your Body Book
came to her during the
course of everyday work.
After decades of scribbling
handwritten instructions
and drawing stick figures
to explain the exercises she
recommended for patients,
she decided to put them all
in one place.
The result is a head-to-
toe handbook for health.
Starting with headaches and
working down to the tips
of the toes,
Your Body Book
covers a variety of aches
and pains and how to pre-
vent or alleviate them. It’s
full of helpful tips on when
to use ice or heat, good
posture, nutrition, stress,
exercise, and sleep. Its ulti-
mate goal is to give people
a little extra freedom by
helping them maintain mo-
tion, strength, and balance,
and to help them manage
health care costs.
Long lives and practices
in Grants Pass, Ore.