in memoriam
therapist for the University of
Washington Medical Center.
She was a longtime member of
the Seattle Weavers’ Guild and
the Seattle First Presbyterian
Church. Becky’s husband and
one daughter preceded her
in death. Four children, two
foster daughters, 21 grandchil-
dren, and 14 great-grandchil-
dren survive her.
Eleanor Davies Taylor ’37
died on Jan. 4 at the age of
She was born in Tacoma
and grew up near the col-
lege in a house on Union
Ave. Eleanor graduated from
Stadium High School. After
attending Puget Sound she
transferred to the University
of Washington, where she was
a member of the Gamma Phi
Beta sorority. Eleanor married
Thomas Taylor, who founded
an independent insurance
agency. She enjoyed being a
full-time mother and was ac-
tive in a bridge club, a garden
club, and an orthopedic guild.
Eleanor also helped establish
the Stardust Dance Club in
Tacoma with friends from the
Club of Hearts. Her husband
and one son preceded her
in death. Two children, four
grandchildren, and two great-
grandchildren survive Eleanor.
Joseph Beal ’38
died on Jan.
He was 96. Joe was born
in Fircrest, Wash., and raised in
Tacoma. He was a teacher and
a storyteller and enjoyed trav-
eling the world. Joe had many
friends and invariably ran into
someone he knew wherever
he went. Joe was preceded in
death by his first wife, Kather-
ine Nelson Beal; and second
wife, Faye Carte Beal. His third
wife, Doris; seven children; 10
grandchildren; eight great-
grandchildren; 10 great-great-
grandchildren; and many
beloved stepchildren and their
families survive Joe.
Doris Frank Birch ’40
passed away Feb. 13 at the
age of 95. She was born in
Tacoma and attended Puget
Sound and the University of
Washington. Doris completed
her undergraduate and mas-
ter’s degrees in library science
at the University of Michigan
in 1968. For many years Doris
was the librarian for the Ge-
nessee and Saginaw County
libraries. She helped start the
Story-Mobile for Saginaw
County libraries in the 1950s.
Doris enjoyed traveling, read-
ing, sewing, square dancing,
and spending time with her
family. Her husband, James
Birch, preceded Doris in death.
Survivors include three chil-
dren, 14 grandchildren, 19
great-grandchildren, and five
Herbert Clarke Jr. ’40
died peacefully at home in
Santa Barbara, Calif., on Dec.
13, 2012.
He was 94. Herb
graduated from Stadium High
School and afterward worked
as a cook in a logging camp
near Mount Rainier for two
years. He married Margaret
Peaches” Simpson in 1941.
Herb studied chemistry at
Puget Sound and later enlisted
in the Army Air Corps, serv-
ing as a military intelligence
specialist in Japan. After he re-
turned from the war, Herb and
Peaches settled in the Seattle
area briefly. The family moved
to the East Coast when Herb
got a job with Borden Chemi-
cal Company in New York City.
Herb’s work in chemical manu-
facturing brought the family
back to the West in 1958. They
lived in Los Angeles for 12
years before their final move
to Santa Barbara in 1970. Herb
is remembered for his sharp
mind and quick wit. He was an
accomplished cook and loved
to swim and read. His wife of
years, eight daughters, 17
grandchildren, 18 great-grand-
children, and two great-great-
grandchildren survive Herb.
Robert Spring ’40
died on Feb. 2 from
complications associated with
Parkinson’s disease. He was 94.
Bob was born in Tacoma but
moved with his family to Cen-
tralia at age 3. He graduated
from Centralia High School in
Bob’s family returned to
Tacoma that same year, and
Bob entered CPS and earned
his bachelor’s degree in chem-
istry. He met his future wife,
Margaret “Peggy” Butler ’41,
and the two were married in
After college Bob took a
temporary” job with North-
ern Pacific Railroad that lasted
for 40 years. He was a fore-
man of the crew that switched
freight cars into and out of
Tacoma’s tideflats. Bob and
Peggy raised two children and
were together until Peggy’s
passing in 2002. In retirement
they enjoyed league bowling
and gardening together. Bob
was an avid reader and was a
member of the Tacoma-Pierce
County Genealogical Society.
He is remembered as a lov-
ing and supportive father and
grandfather. Bob is survived by
his son, Tom Spring ’65, and
his wife, Jaralene; his daughter,
Susan Olsen ’67, and her hus-
band, Bob; four grandchildren;
four great-grandchildren; and
one sister.
Remembrance by Patrick J.
Kearney ‘44:
William Barlow ’44,
a mem-
ber of the Army Specialized
Training Program at the Col-
lege of Puget Sound, passed
away on Aug. 5, 2012, in his
hometown of Willow Grove,
Pa. He was 87. Born Oct. 14,
in Philadelphia, Pa., Bill
attended the local schools in
Cheltenham, Pa., and gradu-
ated from high school in 1942.
He was drafted into the Army
at Allentown, Pa., in July of
and received his Infantry
Basic Training at Camp Rob-
erts, Calif. Bill was accepted
into the ASTP that December
and attended CPS as a student
soldier until March 1944,
when the program was dis-
banded nationwide to provide
manpower for the impending
Normandy invasion. He was
then assigned to the 11th
Armored “Thunderbolt” Divi-
sion at Camp Cooke, Calif.,
where he joined “C” Company
of the 55th Armored Infantry
Battalion. Bill arrived in Eng-
land in October 1944 for two
months of training on the
Salisbury Plain. His division
crossed the English Channel in
December 1944 and marched
their way across France to the
Belgian border, where they
were assigned to General Pat-
ton’s Third Army on the eve
of the Battle of the Bulge. Bill
received his “baptism of fire”
from the Otto Remer Brigade
at Acul, Belgium, on Dec. 31,
He was awarded the
Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and
Combat Infantry Badge for
his service in the battle as one
of Patton’s “Thunderbolts.”
Discharged from the Army in
August 1945, Bill returned to
Philadelphia and attended The
Wharton School, University of
Pennsylvania, on the GI Bill. He
married Lois Robinson, his high
school sweetheart, in 1947
and began a long career as
a salesman with Mack Trucks
Inc. An avid collector of Ameri-
can coins and Revolutionary
War munitions, Bill was an
amateur historian and a self-
trained genealogist who was
well known in the Philadelphia
area. He successfully traced
his family back to the first
Barlow settler who emigrated
from Northwest England to
Colonial Virginia in 1623.
Upon retirement from Mack,
Bill turned his history interest
to his division’s role in World
War II and the ASTP’s role in
the Army. He teamed up with
Patrick Kearney to locate the
living members of their ASTP
unit and to dedicate a plaque,
in August 1996, to the unit’s
war dead, with the assistance
of then-Puget Sound President
Susan Resneck Pierce. Bill often
said that he survived the war
so he could tell others about
the heroic deeds of his ASTP
buddies and 11th Armored
Division comrades. Bill was
buried at historic Ivy Hill
Cemetery in Philadelphia with
military honors. One brother
and one grandson preceded
Bill in death. His wife, four
children, 10 grandchildren, 19
great-grandchildren, and three
siblings survive Bill. Godspeed,
Bill Barlow!
Norman Breckner ’44
passed away on Jan. 1 at the
age of 90. He was born and
raised in Olympia, Wash.
Norm attended Puget Sound
before serving in World War II
as a lieutenant in the Army Air
Corps in England. He married
Evelyn Hawthorne in 1943.
When he returned home
after the war, Norm finished
his bachelor’s and master’s
University of Montana West-
ern. In 2005 she earned her
master’s degree in education
at Eastern Oregon University,
and in 2007 she became a
certified strength and condi-
tioning specialist. Stana was
working on her doctoral dis-
sertation in education at the
time of her death. She was for-
merly employed as an athletic
trainer at Beaverhead County
High School, Eastern Oregon
University, and The Boeing
Company. Stana was involved
with the Northwest Athletic
Trainers’ Association and the
National Athletic Trainers’ As-
sociation and received numer-
ous professional awards. She
enjoyed running, triathlons,
hiking, and softball. A memo-
rial for Stana was held in the
fieldhouse on Nov. 29, 2012.
Ruth McGovern Hansen ’35
died on Feb. 6 at the age of
She was born and raised in
Tacoma. After earning her de-
gree in home economics from
Puget Sound, Ruth earned a
master’s degree in education
at Pacific Lutheran University.
She retired as the head of the
home economics department
at Walla Walla Community Col-
lege in 1976. Ruth was active
in Delta Kappa Gamma Society
International, a professional
honorary for women educa-
tors, and in Zonta Internation-
al. After retirement, Ruth and
her husband, Del, volunteered
at Fort Walla Walla Museum
and for Catholic Community
Services. Her husband of 68
years preceded Ruth in death.
Survivors include two children,
five grandchildren, and eight
Becky Dugan Barnes ’37
passed away on Aug. 16,
four months prior to
her 99th birthday. She was a
Stadium High School gradu-
ate and went on to attend the
Boston School of Occupational
Therapy, now affiliated with
Tufts University. Becky met her
husband-to-be while work-
ing at then-Cushman Indian
Hospital in Tacoma. She later
worked as an occupational