She credits her success in life to “family, friends,
and the exceptional liberal arts education I
received. There was never a task that I didn’t
feel prepared to take on, and I attribute that
to my years of learning from the highest qual-
ity professors. They taught me to think and to
question, and it has served me well.”
Young Alumni Service Award
Presented to a graduate of the last decade or a
current student who has made significant con-
tributions to creating programs that bring young
alumni or alumni and students together, or that
familiarize young alumni and students with the
alumni association.
Benjamin Shelton ’03
Ben is coordinator of
the Los Angeles Regional
Alumni Club and has
a passion for con-
necting L.A. Loggers.
A filmmaker (www.
BenSheltonFilms) who has worked with such
talents as Whoopi Goldberg, Nathan Fillion,
Steven Weber, Taye Diggs, and Tim Daly, Ben
often invites young Loggers who are consider-
ing careers in film onto his sets. He also has
used his acting and production skills to create
films to welcome graduating seniors into the
Alumni Association. Even with his unpredict-
able schedule, Ben makes time to represent
alumni at parent-hosted athletics competitions
and admission events in his area, convincing
scores of L.A. alumni to join him. At Puget
Sound Ben was ASUPS president, a member of
the men’s basketball team, a residence advisor
in Todd/Phibbs, a KUPS disc jockey, a member
of Lighthouse, and he was on the search com-
mittee that chose President Ron Thomas. Ben
currently is working with his 10th reunion
committee, planning this June’s gathering on
campus. Of his time at UPS, Ben says, “I loved
my college experience and often romanticize it
to the point of wishing I had a time machine to
travel back and live it again.”
Snapshots from recent events
Sept. 21
Sept. 28
Save the date
for a
one-of-a-kind evening
celebrating the people
of Puget Sound.
June 7–9
Summer ReunionWeekend, with
Alumni College
Join us to celebrate milestone reunions for
class years ending in 3 and 8, all Greeks, and
a special birthday for Puget Sound—our
th! Visit
reunionweekend to register.
Alumni College
To the Heights: 125 Years of
Outstanding Teaching and Learning
This year, as Puget Sound marks its 125th an-
niversary, we celebrate our outstanding fac-
ulty. Alumni College offers an opportunity to
engage with some of our most inspiring (and
award-winning) professors.
This year’s sessions include:
Karl Fields, professor of politics and
Seeking Fuqiang: China’s 125-Year Quest
for Security and Prosperity”
Nancy Bristow, professor of 20th-century
American history
From Frederick Douglass to Barack Obama:
Years of Fighting for Racial Justice”
Upcoming alumni and parent events
Jim Evans, professor of physics, science,
technology and society
Cosmos and Connection: The Universe
of the Ancient Greeks and Romans”
Puget Sound Leadership Panel
Jeff Matthews, professor of business and
leadership, moderates an interactive discus-
sion with distinguished Puget Sound alumni
representing various professional fields.
June 27
Loggers Keep Learning—Denver
Karl Fields, professor of politics and
government, “Maintaining the Mandate
of Heaven: Power and Prosperity in 21st-
Century China”
Oct. 25–26
Homecoming and FamilyWeekend
For event details and registration informa-
tion, please visit
Professor Karl Fields’
presentation in Tacoma
Tacoma Club chair Jon Orozco
Jason Preszler ’03, and Noel
Conforti Preszler ’04
In Hawai’i, George Mills ’68,
M.S.’72 and Kekoa Beaupré ’95