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Get Hired! Grow. Lead. Live.
Practical Advice for Career Success
pages; softcover or in various e-editions
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Review by Ben Bradley ’08
Hal Eastman had a 30-year career in business,
starting with Boeing and Ford, and later in
management with industries as diverse as for-
est products, biotechnology, and communica-
tions. So he knows a little about the workplace.
Get Hired!
he provides career advice
without lecturing. There is something for
everyone in this book, as it effectively focuses
on each career stage and the transitions
between them. Well-defined sections allow
readers to jump directly to the advice most
relevant for them. That advice is accompanied
by specific stories from the author’s life, both
successes and failures, providing credence not
always found in this genre. Notable anecdotes
range from being fired from his first job, to
leading the entrepreneurial McCaw Cellular
Communications and succeeding against the
well-established regional Bell operating com-
panies. These stories personalize the advice,
making the book feel conversational.
For those beginning a career search, the
author provides ideas on self-assessment,
networking tactics, and proper interview eti-
quette. Additionally, while many job how-to
books abandon us after guidance through
receiving an offer, Eastman continues with a
chapter on how to get promoted. He provides
ideas on ways to get noticed in a job, such as
recommending solutions instead of point-
ing out problems and building trust through
keeping confidences. Eastman also discusses
ideas many career experts fear to tackle, such
as when and why to leave a job.
For current and future managers, East-
man describes ways to construct motivated
teams. He tells about the importance of let-
ting employees go who aren’t the right fit. He
also is quick to criticize micromanagers and
deplores the stifling environment bureaucracy
can breed, stating both should be avoided at
all costs.
Eastman tackles the challenges presented
when transitioning to a senior executive level
role and the necessity of shifting one’s mental-
ity to adapt to new responsibilities. He out-
lines the job of the CEO, with consideration
for goals, values, and strategy, and he discusses
common mistakes, such as accepting too many
invitations to join other company or nonprofit
boards, stating, “Maybe consider one … but
be very jealous of any time it takes from your
primary responsibility.” From his experience
as a president of publicly traded companies
and founder of multiple small businesses,
Eastman speaks with an earned authority that
will resonate with individuals leading any
organization, no matter the size.
In the section “Live!” Eastman discusses
not only when to consider retirement (as well
as strategies for doing so properly), but also
the value of finding time to enjoy life through-
out a career. He asks the reader: What is suc-
cess? To Eastman it is the balance of career,
family, friends, and outside personal interests.
In the print edition of the book he includes a
little card with advice from Steve Jobs: “Have
the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly
want to become. Everything else is second-
ary.” (We note that at age 55 Eastman himself
retired as president of McCaw to become a
very accomplished fine-art photographer; see
some of his work at
While we’re talking about the print edition,
we should mention that although the book is
available in several e-formats, we suggest buy-
ing the paper version. It’s artfully designed, and
worth the $11.95 price for the tactile experi-
ence of the cover material alone.
Whether you are a job seeker or seasoned
Get Hired!
has valuable ideas to improve
both your professional development and satis-
faction in life.
Ben Bradley was a business and leadership major
at Puget Sound and after graduation worked in
the college Office of Employment Services. He
recently started a job as audience development
manager at Cake Central, a website and maga-
zine that’s growing like crazy, owned by Jackie
and Heath Shaffer ’97. Ben also co-operates
Brassmark Wines, an online wine distributor,
and formerly was a partner in 21 Cellars, a bou-
tique winemaker in the North End of Tacoma.
And… there’s a story behind this book
that’s fun and, how else can we say it,
very Puget Sound.
In 1997 Hal Eastman and
Jacque Vogt Eastman ’61 provided an endow-
ment to establish an Excellence in Teaching
Award at the college. The award is given each
year to a professor who exhibits exceptional
teaching skills, independent of scholarship
and research. Recipients are recognized each
August at the Fall Faculty Dinner and receive
a small cash prize. A few years ago BLP prof
Jeff Matthews was the recipient. Hal always
likes to congratulate the winners, and when he
contacted Professor Matthews, the two began
a correspondence during which Jeff the busi-
ness prof invited Hal the corporate executive
to one of his classes. Meeting those students
inspired Hal to write the book. He later sent a
draft to Matthews and a couple of the students
for an early critique. “Let’s just say they didn’t
hold back,” Hal says. But the suggestions were
thoughtful and from the intended audience, so
Hal was all ears. “The students made it a much
better book,” he says. Since the collaboration
came about in a slightly jagged way because of
the Excellence in Teaching Award, Hal decided
to direct proceeds from sales of the book to the
Excellence in Teaching endowment. So… buy
the book and reward a great teacher.
Get Hired!
is available from the UPS Bookstore and on