alumni association
Loggers Keep Learning
BOISE Extreme
Loggers gathered at Mouvance
Winery in Boise, Idaho, for wine
tasting, conversation, and a Log-
gers Keep Learning presentation
by Mike Veseth ’72, based on his
just-released book,
Extreme Wine.
Hawai‘i Club
The Hawai‘i alumni club got together on Sept. 13 for a fun and differ-
ent event. Marcus Asahina ’07, who is founder of Remarcable Catering
and head chef at Hale Ku’ike, and who worked on campus at The Cellar
back when he was an undergrad, prepared a menu of Cellar food that
had a bit of a Hawaiian twist: “Inspector Special” pizza (bacon, caramel-
ized onions, Portuguese sausage, spinach, feta cheese), banana ice cream
with “split” toppings, and a “local style” midnight breakfast with fried
rice, bacon, sausage, and loco moco. Hawai‘i regional club chair Lesli-
Ann Kikuchi ’07,
says that chef Marcus discovered his love for
cooking while working at The Cellar. After graduation he attended the
Culinary Institute of the Pacific, then gained professional experience at
Roy’s Waikiki, Hiroshi Eurasion Tapas, and at Stage restaurant under fel-
low Puget Sound alumnus chef Jon Matsubara ’95.
Regional Events
Puget Sound Business
Breakfast (Seattle)
March 5, 2014
Featuring Brian Webster ’86,
President and CEO, Physio-
Control Corporation
Loggers Keep Learning
Washington, D.C.
Nov. 12
Professor of Politics
and Government Robin
Jacobson: “The State
of Immigration Reform:
Looking Backward to Move
National Press Club, 6 p.m.
Portland, Nov. 20
Distinguished Professor
of Hispanic Studies Harry
Vélez-Quiñones: “Sallying
Forth in Cervantes’ Golden
Age and America Today”
Portland Art Museum,
NewYork, March 13
Distinguished Professor
of Hispanic Studies Harry
Vélez-Quiñones: “Sallying
Forth in Cervantes’ Golden
Age and America Today”
Location TBD
Details at
In the photo below, which gives not even a hint of what a fun day it was,
front row: Masa Okazaki (Brandon Morita’s grandfather, who turned 91 that
day!); ClintonAbe ’75; Jake Hearen ’10; Jaime Shultz; LesliAnn Kikuchi ’07,
D.P.T.’10; Brandon Morita ’06; MayYamamoto ’72; and Joan Loke ’73. Back
row: Stancher Mabellos;Tricia Usagawa ’06; Lars Mitsuda ’06; chef Marcus ’07
wearing his old Cellar uniform!); Matthew Kwock ’09, Chris Lee, Kimberly Lau
MattWakabayashi ’98, Ceri Aoyama, Mieko Matsumoto ’07, Deanna Kikuchi
P’07, ’10, Monte McComber II ’98,Amanda Morita-Zen ’05; Brooke Jones;
Patrick Karjala ’03; Melissa Char ’08; Noreen Paned ’11; Natalie Nakamine ’11;
ZenaToyama ’10, M.S.O.T.’13; and JulieWatanabe ’09.
From left: Bob Finney ’72; univer-
sity trustee Allan Sapp ’78, P’10;
MikeVeseth ’72; Leslie Skinner
Brown ’92; and Kelli Morgan ’09.
Crissy Benage
LesliAnn Kikuchi
From left: Alli Phillips ’12; Ryan
Flynn ’12; Monica Clark Petersen
RobWellington ’11, M.A.T.’12;
Wendy Hodges ’98; Rachel
Johnsen ’09; and Liz Becker ’07.
Denver Club
Community Service
On Oct. 20, between 8:30 a.m.
and noon, Denver club members
met at Food Bank of the Rockies
to help move shopping carts full
of food and load it in clients’ cars.
Benjer Petersen