Clinton Barnard
sends this
lovely reflection: “If it’s not too
late for another ASTPer to check
in regarding the recent anniver-
sary article and reflect on the
impact that being at UPS had
on my life: Back then the ratio
between coeds and GIs was
about equal, so a lot of dating
went on. We didn’t study all of
the time, although it seemed
that way. My date became my
Alice Ann Cross ’47
I had a courtship by mail after
we [ASTPers] left the campus. I
was discharged from the Army
in 1946. Being an upstate New
Yorker, I completed my fresh-
man year at Cornell University
while she completed her senior
year at UPS. We were married
right after her graduation. I be-
lieve I am the only ASTPer who
returned to marry his date.”
Larry Heggerness
has reached
his 47th year as a “tooth me-
chanic.” In a July
Kitsap Pen-
insula Business Journal
we learned that Larry may well
be the only dentist to ever
have won an Emmy. Before his
career as a
Larry was
a world-class mountaineer. In
he filmed and produced a
three-part documentary on his
journey up Mount McKinley.
The film showed his group
dogsledding to the mountain’s
base before commencing the
arduous climb to the 20,328-
foot summit. Their descent was
halted by a storm that trapped
the group at 18,000 feet for
three days. Larry became seri-
ously ill and was carried down
feet and then airlifted to
a hospital. His rescue seemed
like a bit of high-altitude karma,
since Larry had been part of
the rescue team that helped
U.S. mountaineering legends
Lou and JimWhittaker and their
party after a fall on McKinley.
The rescue was chronicled in a
magazine article. Over
the years Larry has worked with
many young dentists to get
their careers started, including
Michael Huntley ’80
As an un-
dergrad Michael did an “immer-
sion month” with Larry, who at
the time served on the college’s
board of trustees. After dental
school Michael worked with
Larry for six years before start-
ing his own practice. At age 75
Larry has no plans to retire. His
latest venture is partnering with
other dentist investors to open
a children’s clinic in Tukwila,
Wash., specializing in orthodon-
tics and oral surgery for children
on public assistance.
Bill Baarsma
was quoted in a
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
about how new election rules
will affect the geographic diver-
sity of Seattle’s City Council.
As a Puget Sound student, Bill
was editor of
The Trail
teaching business and public
administration at Puget Sound
for many years. He served
two terms on the Tacoma city
council, then was elected (and
re-elected) Tacoma’s mayor,
to 2009.
Mary Krehbiel Mosley
promoted to associate pro-
fessor of Spanish at William
Woods University in Fulton,
Mo. She joined the faculty
there in 2006. Mary taught
at Shimer College in Chicago
and The Ohio State University
before going into publishing
as an editor for then-Scott,
Foresman and Co. She also has
been a freelance editor, writer,
researcher, and translator for
nearly 30 years. Mary has won
numerous awards, including the
Women Mean Business Award
from the Missouri Business
and Professional Women, the
St. Louis Educational Equity
Coalition Individual Non-Edu-
cator Award, and the Missouri
Women’s Network Leadership
Edward Amet
was honored
by the Sigma Chi International
Fraternity Committee with its
Significant Sig Award,” the
highest recognition for achieve-
ment in a brother’s professional
career and civic endeavors. The
presentation will take place on
campus at the Sigma Chi house
in spring 2014. Ed received a
Doctor of Dental Surgery de-
gree in 1969 from Northwest-
ern University Dental School,
and in 1974 he earned his Mas-
ter of Science in Dentistry from
the University of Missouri with
a certificate in prosthodontics.
He is a certified diplomate of
the American Board of Prosth-
odontics and of the American
Board of Oral Implantology/Im-
plant Dentistry, designating the
highest level of competence in
the field. Ed has contributed to
his field through numerous pub-
lished works and presentations
at association events. He’s
practiced dentistry in Kansas
City, Kan., since 1973.
alumni news and correspondence
Shannon King Davis Seder-
who matriculated with
the Class of ‘54) tells us she
is reminded of CPS every day
by two kitchen plates in her
possession, which “somehow
strayed from the old SUB.”
Shannon wrote to express her
condolences on the death of
John O’Conner, former band
director at Puget Sound. When
she was a student at Stadium
High School she played in
the UPS band. Due to several
moves, she hadn’t received a
copy of
in a while and
heard about John’s passing
from her sister
VeOna King
Rawnsley ’53
Other alum fam-
ily members include VeOna’s
Douglas Rawnsley
and another sister
King Hazelton ’58
along with
the sisters’ grandfather, the late
Edwin Bower
Shannon is a re-
tired teacher living in Clarkston,
After leaving Puget Sound
Bruce Zahradnik
earned a
bachelor’s degree in psychology
at the University of Oregon.
He worked in state hospitals in
Washington and Oregon, then
moved on to a career in educa-
tion. Bruce retired this summer
as deputy superintendent of
Tahoma School District No.
after 37 years as an educa-
tor, 22 of which he spent at
Tahoma, as a teacher, principal,
and administrator.
emeritus of international po-
litical economy and author
of the Wine Economist blog
wineeconomist.com), was a
keynote speaker at the third
Oregon Wine Industry Cluster
Conference in August. Mike
also was invited to speak at
Australia’s largest wine confer-
ence in September. In his talk,
titled “Australia on the Global
Stage,” Mike predicted an “Aus-
tralian resurgence.” Mike has
a new book out, too, with the
intriguing title
Extreme Wine.
th Reunion
June 6–8, 2014
th Reunion
June 6–8, 2014
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