Narrows Brewing. He’s a Tacoma native—was a
UPS business administration major and played
on the soccer team for three years. Says he
started learning about the beer business when
he tended bar at Magoo’s and the West End.
He went on to become a distributor, brand
manager, and marketer with Anheuser-Busch
and other companies. Been at it for more than
years now.
It’s fun to see an extremely well-organized
business with big ambitions as it’s just getting
up to speed. Dan told us that Narrows only
started retail distribution this past summer, but
HOPPING GLAD Facing page, top: hops ready
to add to a recipe atWingman Brewers. Below:
theWingman taproom.This page: DanTurner
general manager of Narrows Brewing, in
the recently opened Narrows taproom at the
bottom of 19th Street.
it already has its beers in familiar area hangouts
like The Swiss, The Parkway, The Floatation
Device (and, this just in, The Tides!). The
weekend before our visit, its Belgian Blonde
took a silver medal at the Tacoma Craft Beer
Festival. Pretty impressive, since there were
more than 80 brewers there. Narrows Brewing
will produce about 2,000 barrels of beer this
year and has all kinds of ideas for expansion.
We got a kick out of the company logo,
so much so that we felt compelled to buy a
T-shirt. The art’s got a nice silhouette of The
Narrows Bridge, with a suggested outline of
Mount Rainier behind. Then down there in
the corner a few curly tentacles reach up from
the deep—a giant Pacific octopus(!), known
of course to hang out among the underwater
wreckage of the first Narrows Bridge. Dan said
don’t be surprised if you see an Octopus IPA or
some such on tap one of these days.
We suggest you get down to the Narrows
Brewing taproom and sample a pint or two
so that years from now when NB is a huge
regional brand you can say, “Oh, yeah, well, I
knew about Narrows back when they only had
six employees.”