William Kupinse

William KupinseAssociate Professor and Chair, English

BA, Colby College, 1989
MA, Bucknell University, 1995
MA, PhD, Vanderbilt University, 1996, 1999

In addition to his courses in British modernism and creative writing, Bill also teaches a first-year composition course, Writing and the Environmental Imagination (ENGL 132), and Literature and the Environment (ENGL 380), which offers elective credit within the environmental policy and decision making minor.

Bill is a literary garbologist; that is, his research explores the role that waste plays in modern literature. You can view a clip of him moderating a discussion on modernity and waste at the Philoctetes Center online. His poems often focus on environmental themes as well, as a recent poem highlighting the ecological dangers of liquid natural gas facilities published in the journal Sea Stories suggests.

The author of several essays and a poetry chapbook, Raw Materials, Bill is currently working on a book that brings together literary, environmental, and postcolonial studies titled The Remains of Empire: Waste, Nation, and Modernism.