Renee Houston

Renee HoustonAssociate Professor, Communication Studies

BA Communication Studies, Religion, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1991
MA, Ph.D. Communication Theory and Research, Cognate: International Development, Florida State University, 1993, 1996

COMM 108 The Rhetoric of Contradiction in Work-Life (syllabus)
COMM 200 Introduction to Communication Inquiry
COMM 232 Communication Research Methods
COMM 308 Introduction to Organizational Communication Theory
COMM 360 Contemporary Issues in Organizational Communication
COMM 368 Organizational Communication Systems
COMM 460 Technology, Organization, and Globalization
COMM 461 Advanced Organizational Communication

Renee Houston, Ph.D. is  associate professor of Communication Studies at the University of Puget Sound.  Her research and teaching interests include organizational communication, work-life balance, systems theory, and information and communication technologies. Her most recent research examines the intersection of public and organization-based communication on women, the working poor, individuals experiencing homelessness and non-profit employees. Her scholarly research has resulted in numerous conference papers, keynote presentations and has been published in numerous book chapters and journals. 

In collaboration with Professor Carolyn Weisz, her research on perceptions and experiences of homelessness was used by county and state officials to craft policy directed towards ending homelessness. In the community she serves as chair of the board for South Sound Outreach Services and is a member of the Community Awareness for Student Achievement (CASA) advisory committee.