Nick Brody

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

  • BS, The University of Texas at Austin, 2005
  • MA, Arizona State University, 2009
  • PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 2013


I joined the University of Puget Sound faculty in Fall, 2013 as an assistant professor in communication studies. I am interested in the interplay of mediated communication and personal relationships, and I teach classes in online communication, communication theory, quantitative research methods, and interpersonal/relational communication. My most recent research has examined bystander behavior in cyberbullying episodes, social networking site use during breakups, cognitive readiness in a military video game training context, and communication in on-again/off-again relationships. 

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Recent Publications:

Brody, N. (In Press). Absence – and mediated communication – makes the heart grow fonder: Clarifying the predictors of satisfaction and commitment in long-distance friendships. Communication Research Reports.

Dailey, R. M., Brody, N., LeFebvre, L., & Crook, B. (In Press). Charting changes in commitment: Trajectories of on-again/off-again relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Brody, N., & Peña, J. (2012). Face threatening messages and attraction in social networking sites: Reconciling strategic self-presentation with negative online perceptions. In C. Cunninghamn (Ed.), Social Networking and Impression Management: Self-Presentation in the Digital Age (pp. 205-226). Rowan: Lexington.