Kristin Johnson

Associate Professor
Science, Technology and Society Program
Wyatt 153

Office hours, Spring 2016
Tuesdays Noon to 3 or by appointment


  • SI 2 159 Evolution for Everyone
  • SI 2 196 European Past Lives
  • SI 2 149 Evolution versus Creationism in America
  • STS 202 Introduction to Science, Technology and Society 1800-present
  • STS 330 Evolution and Society since Darwin
  • STS 333 Evolution and Ethics
  • STS 338 Apes & Angels 1789-1882
  • STS 344 History of Ecology
  • STS 366 History of Medicine
  • STS 370 Science and Religion: historical perspectives

Kristin's research focuses on the history of the naturalist tradition, including disciplines like conservation biology and ecology. In addition to courses on Darwin, the history of evolution, and science and religion, she teaches a course on the history of ecology that examines the historical relationships between science and society by focusing on the interplay between ecology and environmentalism.