Karl Fields

Karl FieldsProfessor
Politics and Government

BA, Brigham Young University, 1983
MA, PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 1984, 1990

Karl Fields teaches courses on comparative politics, Asian politics and Asian political economy.  He has published on various topics of East Asian political economy, including government-business relations, economic reform and regional integration.  His first book, Enterprise and the State in Korea and Taiwan (Cornell University Press, 1995), examined the role of government and big business in the economic miracles of Taiwan and South Korea.  His current book project, entitled KMT, Inc., analyzes the business empire owned and operated by Taiwan's governing Nationalist Party.  Other publications include "Creating Cooperation and Determining the Distance: Strong States and Business Organization in Korea and Taiwan" in Schneider and Maxfield, eds., The Elusive Embrace (Cornell University Press, 1997), "Is Small Beautiful? The Political Economy of Taiwan's Small-Scale Industry" in Kim, ed., The Four Asian Tigers (Academic Press, 1998), "KMT, Inc.: Liberalization, Democratization and the Future of Politics in Business" in Gomez, ed., Political Business in Asia (Routledge 2002), and "From Take-Off to Drop-Off? Korean Economic Development and Industrialization" in Kim, ed., Modern Korean (Institute of East Asian Studies, 2006).  Fields is also co-author of a comparative politics textbook, Cases in Comparative Politics (Norton, 2020), now in its 7th edition.