Jan Leuchtenberger

Director, Asian Studies Program

BA, Grove City College, 1986
MA, Monterey Institute of International Studies, 1995
MA, PhD, University of Michigan, 2001, 2005

Jan Leuchtenberger teaches all levels of Japanese language and courses on Japanese literature in translation, including “Death and Desire in Pre-modern Japanese Literature” and “Writing the Margins in Contemporary Japanese Literature.” Her research focuses on representations of the West in early-modern Japanese discourses and the “idea” of Japan in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe. Her book, Conquering Demons: The “Kirishitan,” Japan, and the West in Early Modern Japanese Literature, examines the origins and influence of three popular anti-Christian narratives from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and traces their significance in contemporary discourses of the world and Japan’s place in it. She is currently researching the earliest reports on Japan in Europe and the role of the Jesuits in constructing the first representation of Japan in the West.