Parents and Guardians

How to Reach Me

My formal office hours are available on my voicemail. Even though I may be in, it may not be a good time to talk as I may have students with me. I will try to answer my phone during office hours and will be pleased to arrange a good time to speak with you.

I am in my office at other times, but less predictably given my research, university service, and community service.

You may send me an e-mail or leave a phone message at 253.879.3361.

If the matter is urgent, you may try the Administrative Coordinator Connie Baird or 253.879.3745.

If this is a true emergency, I recommend that you call the Dean of Students office at 253.879.3360 or campus security at 253.879.3311.

University Resources

Rights of Student and Parents

It is not my policy to discuss students' grades or academic performance with their parents or guardians.

If your son or daughter has expressed concerns to you about his or her performance, please feel free to consult with me about resources available on campus. Then encourage your young adult to make an appointment with me or with the appropriate service provider on campus.

If you suspect your son or daughter is "falling through the cracks," failing to thrive at Puget Sound, or may be "in over his head," I am pleased to brainstorm with you about ways to help your son or daughter get on track.

I am unable to call students at your request. In order to protect my students’ confidentiality, I ask that you encourage your son or daughter to ask me to call you. My goal is to increase communication between you and your young adult.

If your son or daughter has concerns about my performance or the course, encourage the student to see me early in the semester, so that we can address matters promptly. If your son or daughter is reluctant to meet with me, encourage the student to meet with the department chair.