Need to See Me?

Using Office Hours

For my office hours, see your syllabus, call Connie Baird at 879-3745, or listen to my voice message at 879-3361. To reserve a slot during my office hours, send me an e-mail providing the requested date, day and time. Your receipt of my reply is confirmation.  My office is Wyatt 116.

Making an appointment outside of office hours

I am also available for individual appointments at other times. To make an appointment, send me an e-mail providing the following information:

  • the deadline by which you need to meet with me
  • the nature of the appointment (e.g., question about an assignment)
  • times in the next week that are possible for you
  • best way to reach you (phone, e-mail, etc.)

Other Options

One convenient (and fun) option is to meet over lunch at the university's expense. Once you've confirmed the date with me, then call the Dean of Students Office at x3360 to reserve the dining card. We'll meet at room 208 in WSC to obtain the card and then proceed to lunch.