Andrew Gardner

Andrew GardnerAssociate Professor of Anthropology
Department of Sociology & Anthropology

Research Interests
I am a sociocultural anthropologist whose scholarship focuses on the Gulf States of the Arabian Peninsula. My work in the region explores transnationalism, broadly, and transnational labor more specifically. I also maintain an interest in environmental anthropology and the political ecology of both rural and urban peoples of the Arabian Peninsula.

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University of Arizona, Ph.D., Anthropology, with a minor in Geography, 2005
University of Arizona, M.A., Anthropology, 2000
George Washington University, B.A., Philosophy, 1991

Courses Taught
SOAN 107: The Anthropology of Societal Collapse
SOAN 117: The Anthropology of Food and Eating
SOAN 200: Cultural Anthropology
SOAN 230: Indigenous Peoples and Alternative Political Economies
SOAN 302: Social Research II (Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods)
SOAN 350: Border Crossings: Transnational Migration and Diaspora Studies
SOAN 407: Political Ecology


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