Elise Richman

Elise Richman Associate Professor of Art Elise Richman received a BFA from the University of Washington in 1995 and an MFA from American University in 2001.  She has exhibited her work locally and nationally in college and university galleries, commercial galleries, and alternative spaces such as the Katzen Art Center and the Addison Ripley Gallery in Washington, DC, Gallery 4 Culture, SOIL, and the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, and the Fulcrum Gallery, Kittredge Gallery, and the Woolworth Windows in Tacoma.  Her process driven paintings explore relationships between time’s passage, a sense of place, and process.  In her work the material potential of paint acts as a metaphor for distinct aspects of the material world.  She depicts water and references the local marine environment in order to express interconnectedness, ecological issues and accelerated states of flux.