Eda Gurel-Atay

Professor Eda Gurel-Atay

Assistant Professor, School of Business and Leadership

  • BS, Business Administration with minor in Psychology
    Middle East Technical University, Turkey, 2003
  • PhD, Marketing
    Lindquist College of Business, University of Oregon, 2011
    Dissertation Title: Celebrity Endorsements and Advertising Effectiveness:
    The Importance of Value Congruence

Eda's research interests center on the impact of social values on various consumer behaviors, lifestyles and psychographics, celebrity endorsements and advertising effectiveness, and materialism. Shopping process and its impact on retailer evaluation and shopping well-being of consumers are other topics that attract Eda's attention. She is also interested in cross-cultural differences in value endorsement, including materialism, and is currently conducting research in different countries.

Eda likes to teach Marketing Principles, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communications, and Marketing Research courses.