David Smith

David Smith

BA, Bristol University, 1963
MA, Washington University, 1965
PhD, University of Toronto, 1972

David Smith is a European historian offering courses on British and German Nationalism, The Second World War in Europe (freshman seminar), British Imperialism and Culture (Humanities), Britain and Britishness: The Development of National Identity, The Atomic Bomb: Physics in the Modern World (STS), and History and the Construction of the Other (Honors). His published research in British Criminal Justice History includes the investigation of Victorian prisons and transportation, Scottish crime and punishment in the 19th c., juvenile delinquency in England and Scotland in the First and Second World Wars, and the police and juvenile crime in the British Zone of Germany. His most recent article is a study of juvenile delinquency and welfare in London between 1939 and 1950. David's latest project is a study of "Britain in Pictures," an examination of British life through a series of 100 short volumes published for propaganda purposes during the Second World War.

Curriculum Vita

Spring 2014 courses:

Connections 304, "The Invention of Britishness:  History and Literature"
     meets TTh 2:30-4:50, Wyatt 109

CNN 345, "Physics in the Modern World:  Copenhagen to Denmark"
     meets TTh 12:30-1:50, Thompson 193

Spring 2014 Office hours:
     (to be determined)