Brendan Lanctot

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

BA, Haverford College, 2000
MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University, 2002, 2005, 2008

Office Hours: On leave Spring 2015

Research Interests:

My scholarship focuses on how various cultural forms constituted a bond between the pueblo (or people) and power in nineteenth-century Latin America. My book Beyond Civilization and Barbarism: Culture and Politics in Post-Revolutionary Argentina (1829-1852) (Bucknell UP, 2014) examines portraiture, audiovisual spectacles, graffiti, and literature to demonstrate how supporters of dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas and his opponents imagined and addressed the people in order to legitimate competing political projects. They did so through common discursive practices. Thus, contrary to their enduring declarations of radical difference, which continue to inform received ideas of the turbulent post-independence era, their worldviews were in fact mutually intelligible and sustained one another.

My current book project, titled Specters of Populism in Nineteenth-Century Latin America, adopts a transnational perspective to examine the emergence of the pueblo as an ambivalent social actor during a “long” nineteenth century, stretching roughly from the Bourbon reforms to the Great Depression.

I also study contemporary Argentine culture, particularly how it revises and reconfigures key historical and literary figures in response to the diverse crises affecting the nation-state in the twenty-first century.

Select Publications:

“’A dar con la coyontura’”: Muerte y reconfiguración del Martín Fierro en la Argentina neoliberal” (in preparation)

“The Tiger and the Daguerreotype: Early Photography and Sovereignty in Post-Revolutionary Latin America” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 25.1 (2015): forthcoming.

“Repertorio monumental y pluralismo en la cultura argentina contemporánea.” Revista Hispánica Moderna 68.1 (2015): forthcoming.

 Beyond Civilization and Barbarism: Culture and Politics in Post-Revolutionary Argentina (1829-1852). Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell UP, 2014.

“Generic Mutations and Critical Adaptations: A Comparative Reading of César Aira’s La prueba and Diego Lerman’s Tan de repente”. Cine-lit VII: Essays on Hispanic Film and Fiction. Ed. Guy H. Wood, Fernando Fabio Sánchez, Gina Herrmann. Corvallis, OR: Cine-Lit Publications, 2012. 13-31.

“Graffiti and the Poetics of Politics in Rosas’s Argentina (1829-1852)”.  Hispanic Review 78.1 (2010): 49-70.


Curriculum Vitae [Spring 2015]