Amy Fisher

Assistant Professor, Science, Technology and Society Program

My research focuses on the history and philosophy of the physical sciences, Amy Fisher, Ph.D
especially electrical science and technology. I am interested in the study of experimentation and how standards of evidence have changed over time. I am currently working on a project examining the different ways electricians – an eighteenth-century term that denoted anyone who systematically studied electrical phenomena – learned about and explained electrical action. Some of their methods included chemical studies of electrical behavior, physical measures of electric charge and strength, and biological experiments analyzing physiological responses to electricity. 

Courses Recently Taught:
STS 155 – Scientific Controversies
STS 201 – Introduction to STS I: Antiquity to 1800
STS 202 – Introduction to STS II: 1800 to the present
STS 301 – Technology and Culture
STS 347 – Better Living Through Chemistry
STS 375 – Science and Politics