EDUC 648

Practicum/Internship and Practicum in Counseling

Audio and video tapes are used for intensive supervision of students counseling clients from Puget Sound or the community. Also includes a field placement under team supervision. Students desiring certification as school counselors must select a K-12 setting that meets with the approval of the Tacoma-UPS PEAB. Other placements include mental health centers, the University of Puget Sound Counseling Center, Western State Hospital, etc. Pastoral counseling students complete internships in settings oriented to the pastoral care perspective. Time spent at the placement must total 400 hours or more. Arrangements for internships should be made at least one semester in advance. The group meets as a class throughout the year to share experiences and to cover topics not included in the rest of the curriculum.

Prerequisites: EDUC 633 and 634, and, for school counselors, EDUC 636.