OT 645

Occupational Therapy for Adults with Neurological Dysfunction

This course covers occupational therapy evaluation and treatment of a sample of those disorders and traumatic conditions that result from damage to or dysfunction of the central nervous system above the spinal cord level. Such disorders and conditions include but are not limited to upper motor neuron lesions through disease or trauma and complex central nervous system degenerative pathologies. Information in the course itself is sequenced to enhance mastery of complex material. The clinical presentations and medical management of cerebrovascular accident (CVA) are discussed first. This disorder is revisited several times, each time adding layers of complexity. Students focus first on the motor impair ments of CVA, then the sensory and perceptual aspects of the same condition, then the cognitive. Special problems that result from multiple impairments are discussed after this foundation is laid and the list of disabling conditions is expanded to include traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative disorder. Then students solve complex clinical problems applying all that has been learned.